Monday, March 12, 2007

Wild Hogs

Needed to see something funny this week, so we caught Wild Hogs with Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence, and a really familiar character actor who's name escapes me.

It's a mid-life crisis on motorcycles. City Slickers was mid-life crisis on horses, and it's the benchmark of all mid-life crisis comedies. This wasn't a City Slickers, but despite what the critics say, it's an enjoyable movie that goes over the line from time to time just a bit (more naked male butts than I ever want to see again... which wasn't many, but I don't want to see any...)

Look, Tim Allen isn't Billy Crystal, so set your expectations accordingly. The cast was full of likable characters, doing what they do best. Yes, the trailer is funnier, but all trailers are, so get over it. City Slickers had it's message scene ("the key to happiness is just one thing, doesn't matter what that one thing is..."). Wild Hogs also has it's message scene, and it's a good one, though it gets a little lost.

The ending was a little Deus Ex Machina for me; had they made one simple decision earlier in the script, it would have provided motivation for the bad guy and a more satisfactory ending.

Bottom Line: Enjoyable, Funny, Crude... B+ (this grade is based on the kind of movie it is, and is not be construed to make it on par with B+ movies of other genres. It is what it is what it is...)


Sherlock said...

Hey, you moving in on my turf?

just teasing you...

I don't really like Tim Allen too much. Who the hey is Billy Crystal?(you have to remeber that not all of your blog readers have gray hair...)

Rob said...

Normally I'd rant about the younger generation having no cultural appreciation, but then I remember that Billy Crystal (Miracle Max in Princess Bride who likes his mutton nice and lean) normally has at least a PG13, and more often, R rated act.

He is a stand up comedian with razor timing and rare insight. One of the few stand ups who have gone on to make mostly great movies (and a few horrible ones).

What's wrong with Tim Allen?

wilcoxfamily said...

Billy Crystal = Mike Wazowski

does that help?