Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sanctity of (a bug's) life

I'm not the most emotional of guys, but I don't like to kill things. I don't hunt or take potshots at squirrels. The one time I had to set mouse traps I felt guilty for weeks for murdering two rodents.

But I can kill bugs like popcorn. Spider? Smash it. Cockroach? Spray it. Mosquito? Mash it. All with glee.

Why is that? It's not because they're loathsome. I don't like rats or cats, but I wouldn't kill them if I didn't have to (no, I'm not killing cats).

Is it mammalism? Do I relate with mammals but not insects, so I can zap them? Is it cerebralism? An insects brain is the size of pollen, so they don't rate? Is it legism because two and four is fine but more is terminal?

I just don't know....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Pardon me while I geek out...

Batman Three

Which criminals should share the spotlight?

Here's who I don't want.

  • Riddler (dumb character and even with reinvention would be a dumb character)
  • Penguin (let's all say "yuck")
  • Any overtly superpowered bad guys.
  • Bane (yuck)
  • Scarecrow (the first movie was great, scarecrow was sad)
  • Harley Quinn (dumb)
  • The Ventriloquist

Here's who I would be okay with.

  • Poison Ivy (done well, unlike before)
  • Black Mask (a little gross, but could the humor translate?)

Who I want.

  • Catwoman (done right, who hasn't been done right yet)
  • Batwoman (Kathy Kane without the perversion)
  • Hugo Strange (Patrick Stewart!)
  • Talia (maybe)
  • Killer Crock (maybe)
  • The Outsider (with a twist)
  • MAN-BAT! (okay, he's superpowered, but come ON!)

The problem is Nolan's Batman works but I doubt even he could reinvent thin characters from the 60's and before to work in his Gotham. Joker and Two-Face were great, but they have some heavy psychological stuff to dig into. The rest don't except for those I've listed as "I wants."

Geek out concluded (unless you join me in comments).

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thinking about roads not taken

I've been contemplating this more for Lynette than myself, but isn't it amazing how your spouse changes everything about your life? That has to be the most life changing decision anyone can make. You merge your rhythms, goals, interests, activities, and dreams with your spouse. You don't just become "one flesh" you become DIFFERENT flesh.

I know I married well, but I'm not convinced Lynette did. She encourages me in all I aspire to. She has so much capacity, though, with art, music, compassion... how might someone else have influenced her? I'm glad no one else had the chance, mind you, but the malability of humanity is amazing.

I suppose divorce happens when one partner won't bend with the other. Don't know if that's the fault of the individual or the individuals make-up. Could it be that some couples who love each other simply can't merge together? I'm blessed to have the ideal wife, so I'll never know, thankfully.

Sunday, April 05, 2009


Your opinions, please.

Easter is not a Biblical holiday (neither is Christmas, for that matter). While they commemorate Christian events, they are "tacked on" to tradition, not intrinsic to it.

Easter was actually a fairly big event when I was kid. We sometimes (maybe often) went to church and had a big family meal.

We don't so much, now. We go to church, of course, but we've never gotten into the secular stuff like egg hunts and roasting bunnies (or whatever you do with them). We do try to remember the Christian part, reflecting on Jesus' resurrection, but if memory serves (and it often doesn't), we don't do a special meal. Partly out of laziness, and partly because we have no extended family here.

Is Easter a big deal? Should Christians be compelled to observe it?