Friday, April 17, 2009

Pardon me while I geek out...

Batman Three

Which criminals should share the spotlight?

Here's who I don't want.

  • Riddler (dumb character and even with reinvention would be a dumb character)
  • Penguin (let's all say "yuck")
  • Any overtly superpowered bad guys.
  • Bane (yuck)
  • Scarecrow (the first movie was great, scarecrow was sad)
  • Harley Quinn (dumb)
  • The Ventriloquist

Here's who I would be okay with.

  • Poison Ivy (done well, unlike before)
  • Black Mask (a little gross, but could the humor translate?)

Who I want.

  • Catwoman (done right, who hasn't been done right yet)
  • Batwoman (Kathy Kane without the perversion)
  • Hugo Strange (Patrick Stewart!)
  • Talia (maybe)
  • Killer Crock (maybe)
  • The Outsider (with a twist)
  • MAN-BAT! (okay, he's superpowered, but come ON!)

The problem is Nolan's Batman works but I doubt even he could reinvent thin characters from the 60's and before to work in his Gotham. Joker and Two-Face were great, but they have some heavy psychological stuff to dig into. The rest don't except for those I've listed as "I wants."

Geek out concluded (unless you join me in comments).


josiah said...

Ha ha ha ha ha. That's funny.

Hmm, I kinda like Harley Quinn, but she would be horrendous for a movie. Black Mask could be interesting. Man-Bat? I don't know....

Mac said...

WHo is Black Mask? What did I miss? He wasn't ever in the animated series...I'd like to see them do a good job with croc...that's for sure. I just want them to make it "Seeable" For me. Man-Bat shouldn't be very hard to do, however.

sherlock said...

Black Mask was in "The Batman". I don't remember a whole lot of him from the comics. He's got this black skull thing on his face and of course, like all Batman Baddies, has some sort of disfigurment.
He's like a mob boss, he doesn't really have any powers or anything.

Mac said...


sherlock said...

C'mon Mr. Swanson, I was expecting debate here.

What do you think of the possibility of a villian created for the movie? Should they stick with tried and true comic characters? And which continuity of the comics has the director chosen to follow? Isn't my grammar in that last sentence off somehow?