Friday, July 06, 2007

Transformers Review

Okay, the things you do for friends. I went entirely because Brian C. was so excited about this movie (and spending time with Mike, Brian, and any other friends is worth the time).

Very glad I did. Let's say the movie "transformed" my outlook. Having no experience with the original Transformers, I didn't know if I could get into it. But is was funny, action packed, well paced, well acted (maybe a little over the top from John Torturro), and overall impressive.

A couple of the funniest bits are not for kids, though. At least not for our kids. I suppose more worldly kids know all about this stuff, buy mine don't and won't need to for awhile, so Transformers isn't a kid's movie - a shame, since the toys target kids, but Michael Bay, like Brian C., were into the Transformers as a child and wanted to update it to make it fun for the 30 somethings who originally adored the toys, comics, and cartoon. Make it "just for kids" and you'd loose the largest paying audience, or at least disappoint them.

For Action/Adventure I give it an A-


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Anonymous said...

Your liscence as a reviewer should be revoked immediatly. i am sending a call to the board of directors. this is a captiol offense.

malissa said...

fellow critic,
Your license to spell should be revoked! Go back to school and learn to spell correctly (or at least use spell check :)

Rob said...

Ah, constructive criticism, always refreshing.

It's fair, though, I suppose. I spoke with a friend about the movie this morning and the depth of detail he offered just floored me. For me it was a light, fun popcorn movie. For him it was almost a cult experience. Things that bothered him, like the different look and design of each transformer, weren't even on my radar screen.

My deal was did it entertain? Having no expectations, all it had to do was keep me awake and laughing, which it did. The closest history connection for me was Gigantor from the early 60's and this was far better.

I'd guess Joe and Fellow Critic had greater expectations stemming from previous Transformers incarnations. I'd like to know, though, so if they come back, fill us in on what was so horrible. :)

Anonymous said...

Malissa, i messed up with the backspace lol.

Anonymous said...

we are of course one in the same...

anyhoo, the reason i don't like transformers (apart from silly cheesiness) is that the previous "incarnations" have been family/kid friendly. this one feels it nesi- nessci- necci- ne-si-sar-e ah well you know what word i want to say. They put a bunch of junk in it. and i find it sad that things can't be entertaining without junk.

malissa said...


If I had known that it was you, I wouldn't have been so mean :)