Saturday, December 15, 2007

My receiver is glitching...

I may have blogged about this already, because I know I've thought about this before and with mortality more in-my-face right now, I'm thinking about it again.

I believe the brain is more like a receiver/processor than a generator/processor. That marvelous hunk of fibril gray-matter doesn't generate thought like a mental turbine, it receives it from "outside."

Compare it to a cerebral intranet. Your brain is like a browser; thought doesn't originate in the headpan, it is "broadcast" from the rest of you, where ever that "rest of you" is. I believe that who we are is much more than just flesh and thought. We are spirit in the non-Newtonian place beyond "here" that is being projected fractionally into our 3-D meat sack. We have a spirit, which is beyond, a mind, which is the fractional part in our head, and a brain that processes it all.

If our brain is damaged, through scrambled genes, accident or disease, "we" are not damaged; that is, the spirit is unharmed, it just isn't transmitting as easily - or at all - in the brain. While here, we are sort of unconscious about our spirit (though I think the Bible tells us all this) but it exists. Dunno if it's "active" where ever it truly resides until we're through with 3-D life, maybe it is (Biblically, the spirit is dead or corrupted until Christ chooses to regenerate it, but the text doesn't say the spirit resides fully in us and implies strongly that it does not).

My mom's memorial is today and I can't be there. But when I say I (and my mom) are there in spirit, I firmly believe that is literal.