Saturday, June 28, 2008

Slow down, you're movin' too fast... you got to make the moment last, now..

The title is a reference to an old song for you pipsqueaks with no music training...

When we accept something basic as true, anything that challenges that truth is rejected.

That is the state of science on both the secular and intelligent design groups. Rather than shifting their mountains of claims to examine the truth of their foundational precepts, they'll ridicule or dismiss anything that challenges precepts. That's the essence of Ben Stein's new movie No Intelligence Allowed (or something like that). The secular science of our time is so strong that anything attacking foundational concepts is immediately rejected.

Enter Barry Setterfield. His ideas are so damaging to both sides of the evolutionary debate, it's laughable. Some creationists seize on his work just because it supports their beliefs (but without really examining it). Other creationists realize that it also attacks their precept that radiometric dating is wrong... and if that's true, they have a lot to apologize for. Evolutionists laugh at it, because if his theory is true then evolution is impossible.

Barry's theory is that the speed of light is slowing down exponentially. I'm not a math guy, so I have no true way to understand his position, but I'm intrigued by it. It ties up a lot of little knots that no one else has explained.

Do I think he's right? Dunno, but he could be. If he were right, it turns a whole lot on it's ear.

Check his theories for yourself:

Have fun.


Tom said...


Very interesting stuff. My interest is piqued, however, don't have time to read it right now, gotta run. (It's true, and I'm making fun of myself in light of the tile of your blog.)


LeeMac said...

Tom who? my gp possibly? oh well. I must say good post although i have no idea what you're talking about. I know it's pitiful. but i'm only thirteen for crying out loud and not even a teenager for that long. *sigh*

Rob said...

Ben, Ben, Ben...

Tom is a new friend; grandpa hasn't been using the computer much lately.

And we live in the same house, Buddy, if you want to know, come ask me. ::::

to lazy to log in ben said...

Good point.

dams said...

i'm sorry i havent' been around here much..

it's fascinating to read about this stuff but i have such a headache i don't know what i think about it...