Monday, September 22, 2008

Panicked Republican Spam

I've been bounced several spam-mails about the rumor that after the VP debate, Biden will drop out of the race and be replaced by Hillary. The spam calls this "shameless manipulation!"

I think it's just more of the same from both sides of the ticket. Palin, no matter what you think of her, was a blatant move to secure the Mid-West states. No one seems to care if people are qualified; the only way McCain won the nomination was because people voted by who could win, not who would should win.

Nor was it coincidence that McCain didn't announce Palin until after Nobama announced Biden. Character or not, Palin isn't qualified to be VP (just as Obama isn't qualified to be president); she was chosen as a tasty conservative woman to court the vote that McCain couldn't, not because she can run the country (having said that, I think Palin's got the right people-first take on things; she just needs more seasoning before going national). Her selection was made to catch Osama flat-footed, and BOY did it work. Even Biden said that in light of this, Hillary should have been the VP nominee.

What I don't understand about this rumor is why wait until after the debate -- Biden has to worry about being too tough and hitting just the right note, while Hillary could just bash away at Palin like a hockey player on steroids.

This whole election has been shameless manipulation.


mac said...

I say i'd vote for McCain rather than Obama. I'd rather have a quarter of the country then none!

sherlock said...

Wow, I had barely clicked publish when you had commented.

Your comment solidified the idea that I am no great writer, since I had so miscommunicated my thoughts.

I.E i responded and am anxious to hear what you have to say.

Dialouge.... I seem to have a lot of it with the singles, and see minimal results.

mac said...


Rob said...

Isn't the singles group kind of like singing to the choir? What are you trying to influence there?

I'll comment on your blog as soon as I can, but very busy tonight....

who do you think? said...

Uh, not trying to influence. They're just my friends. I don't do highschoolers. ;) (please don't read that as truth in jest, God just has me hanging out with older people in my life right now)

But they do converse on many issues, but I rarely see any fruit come of it, politically, I mean. Not Spiritually.

Rob said...

What kind of fruit are you looking for, though? even politically? Don't they all mostly agree with you?

Oh, and you're a fine writer, by the way, I was just taking off on the "just talking" thing.

mac said...

Normally like I only do a couple of middleschoolers. No highschoolers either. Not even singles. Actually, ah don't even know.