Saturday, May 02, 2009

Air Force One: A Financial Terrorist

Forget about the insensitivity and naivete of the new administration in buzzing the Statue of Liberty in Air Force One with an F-4 fighter dogging it's tail for a photo-op (after all, insensitivity and naivete are the hallmarks of President O-bow-to-Muslims). Rather, consider the phenomenal waste of taxpayer money instead.

I don't know the actual cost of flying Air Force One and an F-4 but it's in the hundreds of thousands at least. Contrast the fact that there are thousands upon thousands of photographs of AF1 and the Statue of Liberty and making a composite of them in Photoshop would take ten minutes for a semi-talented graphics designer (and the mega-buck photo-op disaster's photos would have to be retouched in Photoshop anyway) and you have a shameful boondoggle.

While I highly doubt BO had anything to do with it, the judgment of his staff is as woeful as his own.

10% down, 90% to go....


B.L.S. said...

Terrorific, just terrorific.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it was a Department of Defense deal, the white house had nothing to do with it. The photo was of the Air Force One backup plane, which is under the control of the air force. But are you really that surprised about the government wasting money? It's nothing new.

Rob said...

True, it is nothing new, but CHANGE was the watchword of this administration and needless spending in this economy should be a consideration.

I had also considered that perhaps the F-4 pilot needed to get his hours in and the AF wanted to do so productively.

In four years I would love for a third party business-professional would take office and appoint individuals of integrity to transform government. I've spoken with clients who ache to get into Federal positions to REALLY drive change.