Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dorito Wars

Lo, when I was young, there was ONE kind of Dorito chip; the bland, boring, flavorless tortilla chip, no flavoring.

THEN, manna descended in the form of Taco Flavor Doritos (not the pail imitation Taco BELL flavor Dorito that came later). TACO Flavor was pure heaven. No chip to this day has matched it. Then the over-flavored Nacho Cheese came on the scene and consumers of no taste switched over enmass, dooming Taco to the oblivion of once-was.

There have been dozens of flavors since then, none matching the vibrant power of Taco... even those that contained the Taco label, but they were pretenders.

UNTIL, the black-bag, limited edition, Late-Night promotion that returned Taco to it's long ago splendor... or was it? It might be. It very well could be. But my taste-buds are 30 years older and *gasp* jaded!

A web search uncovered the fact that I was not the only one who was unsure. Debates rage over the new chip's authenticity. Curses are hurled. Passions run high.

For me? I believe it is the fabled chip. Alas, it gives me the same gas as the former Dorito manna. That's good enough for me.


josiah said...

I just read a post. All about chips. Not on some teeny boppers blog mind you, from 40-something writing "mentor".

Should I be concerned?

Anonymous said...

He called you "40-something"! Does that mean he doesn't know WHAT you are? Am I in that same category?

P.S. I love the taco doritos too!