Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why I'm Deleting Facebook

I blame it on the TV Writer's Strike a decade ago, when arrogant writers thought what all writers think, "let's see them fill the air without us." And so Reality Television was born. Like original sin, the people of the world believed a lie, "we're interesting when we're petty."

And we wondered how could it get worse than Reality TV? The answer is Facebook (which we topped -- or bottomed? -- with Twitter).

A digital monument to banality masquerading as "relationships." Except 99% of it isn't relating at all. Broadcast proclamations of less-than-small-talk isn't the fellowship the Bible promotes.

Oh sure, many people use it well. The Lashways, alerting us to their mission in Madagascar, Scott George's needs for his ministry, commercial purposes (and to be honest, if one of my business ventures takes off, I'll re-up the account to promote it... when I have purpose).

I profess it is nice to know what's going on with distant friends, and reconnect with people I haven't seen in decades, but is knowledge without relationship anything other than gossip, even if it's spread by that individual?

Finally, there are better things to do with my time than read stuff I wouldn't care to hear or take quizzes about things I don't need to know.

Nor is this a condemnation of Facebook users. If you get something out of it, bully for you and fare-thee-well.

For all those dear friends whom I am in fellowship with, please check in via e-mail, or, you know, in person. I do still love you all. But for me and mine, we shall Facebook no more.

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momma s said...

Rats, and I'm just getting the hang of it, too!

I understand what you are saying.. I can talk face-to-face with closer friends, but meeting up with dear friends form the past is priceless. I'll most certainly talk to you (and those I see regularly) more meaningfully in person.

josiah said...

This post could be shortened to:
Why I'm Deleting Facebook:
Because I don't like it.

I use it kind of like a phone. I mainly use the chat aspect of it. I enjoy the small snippets of "status" and seeing damaris' pics of ireland before she's back.

But the quizzes are stupid, the people who use it and are younger than (insert un offensive age of your choosing in here) are annoying, the flair can be dumb, and its a breeding ground for all things pop culture.

Rob said...

Hmmm, having insightful commentary reduced to "I don't like it."

That whole comment can be reduced to "I'm 17."