Friday, January 08, 2010

Poor Branding...

Global Warming. Whoever named this phenomena didn't know a thing about marketing. Global Geo-Extremism would now have everyone who's freezing their tushes off going, "man, they're right!" instead of "I could really go for some global warming right now."

Sure, sure, weather extremes are a part of global warming, so this isn't out of bounds, but the name is counter-intuitive.

Please note, that there is global warming is without doubt. Whether man has anything to do with it is open to question. Nonetheless, sensible conservation is a Biblical policy, so I'm all for it. I just wish they'd named it something else.


sherlock said...

In response:
The force was an original concept in that no one had done that in a (successful) sci-fi story yet. Not that lucas came up with the force all on his own.

Rob said...

And I again refer you to the authors who had done it before... successfully.

Or, if you don't like novels, how about the Source from the comic book Eternals by Jack Kirby - a unifying force binding a race of uberdudes and bestowing powers. That was in the mid 60's... you know, when Lucas was a kid reading comics.

"There is nothing new under the sun, grasshopper." :)

Rob said...

(For the other reader of my blog, Sherlock is not drive-by posting random comments, he's responding to my comment on his blog.)