Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It's drizzling.

Not again... still...

Well, maybe there were a few breaks. Like two nights ago when we were leaving Lynette's cousin's house and saw the neighbors lined up looking at the sky. I was thinking UFO, so I scanned the sky carefully. A neighbor saw me looking and breathed, "isn't it beautiful?"

I looked again and said, "what? The sunset?"

A ripple ran down the watchers. "Oooo! It's called a 'sunset'!

The little girl next to me asked, "Mister? What's a sunset?"

"It's... when the sun sets over the horizon..." I answered.

She seemed to chew on this for moment, then asked, "What's a 'sun', Mister?"

As one the crowd swivelled around to catch my answer.

Lynette and the kids are in Portland, Oregon visiting a good friend. I'm working. We've put 10,000 miles on the van since we left Orlando and I'm doing so much work for SunTrust that I'm considering putting in an expense account for mileage. At 35 cents a mile...


damaris said...

the sun. i think i remember what that is.

didn't it used to shine in the sky?

Rob said...

Yeah, what happened with the non-hurricane? Everything okay?

damaris said...

yeah. it was just alot of rain.
still is kinda drizzlish but nothing like a hurricane. so i'm not whining!

wilcoxfamily said...

Yeah, me either!

*twitch, twitch*

Rob said...

Susan, promise me that when the kids are older you'll take up writing (and not just in blogs) okay?

U got talent, kid!