Saturday, October 28, 2006

My legion of fan has requested a new post....

I'd like to dig into something meaty, but I've got drywall to hang.

Okay, cosmic coincidink, bad luck, or is Someone trying to teach me a lesson?
Jennifer, a wonderful friend from Seattle , is out for her annual visit. She's done just about everything here over the years EXCEPT SeaWorld. So, today's the day, BUT first we had to buy the tickets.

Things to ponder:

* Buying tickets online rocks.

* Not reading everything doesn't rock; in fact, were it not for a phone call, it would be quite expensive. I'm buying a ticket for Jennifer (she's reimbursing me, so it's not generous on my part or anything) - a couple nitpicks - you've got to search all over for a single day ticket. It isn't in Out of Town visitors, it's in International visitors, AND you can't buy a Resident ticket in the same transaction as the International ticket - so I'm filling out the forms, and fill out what looks like the "name on the card" section, but it's not. It's the name of the ticket holder. I bought myself a ticket when I'm not going. Oops.

*Customer Service rocks. I call them and she says she'll catch it when it comes through and cancel. She does an hour or so later and calls to confirm. She asked if I have any other questions: I ask if she, as an Anheiser-Busch employee gets free beer.

* A-B employees get free beer! I don't like beer, but that's quite a benefit (free checking is nice, but...)

* So we buy tickets for today, which is the last full day she's been here. So, what happens that hasn't happened in months? It rains. Hard.



malissa said...

It rained Saturday? I was at work and it didn't rain there. Big deal about your internet , ticket buying blunder! I've got you beat: Several years ago (before we became travel agents) I bid on a cruise from and won. The only problem was that I bid on the wrong week - so I called NCL and the internet guy was so gracious and let me change it to the correct cruise. Ha!