Monday, December 18, 2006

As you age, your memory turns into swiss cheese (which isn't to say my brain has become holy, but holey). I'd forgotten my password, but really I'd forgotten my username, which is different than my screen name, which Lynette wants me to change because she doesn't do the blogger thing and feels the same way about blogging that I do about Christmas lights. (Anybody now how to change the screen name?)

So I'll be back to posting soon, I think.

Perhaps about Mannheim Steamroller, who puts on a GREAT concert and props to my in-laws for being unbelievably generous! What a fantastic night! All the kids want to play instruments now (and this big kid).

I've figured out why I like MS so much but not other Christmas music. Mannheim gets rid of the sentimental sappy stuff and fills it with innovation and power. I LOVE seeing talent infused with brilliance infused with passion.



malissa said...

"Does anyone now how...." Boy, you really are losing it!;) I have 2 checking accounts at a credit union that doesn't send paper statements. I have to go online. But I can never remember my log in name or password. So I never balance those accounts. I guess it's a good thing that I don't use those accounts. (But I will have to balance them soon for the end of the year stuff.) I'm glas that I'm not the only one getting old mentally!

malissa said...

See? I didn't proof my post until it was too late and I goofed up too! I'm glaD that I'm not the only one!

Rebekah Schwab said...

I think that you can change your screen name by going to the edit profile and then changing the part that says "display name".
I may be wrong. But I tried :)


Anonymous said...


sentimental crappy stuff? like this:
"long lay the world, in sin and ere repining. till he appeared, and the soul felt it's worth. a thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices. for yonder breaks, a new and glorious morn."


Anonymous said...

feel free to correct my grammer and/or argue with opinions.

Rob said...

Sentimental SAPPY stuff, Dami. I wasn't raised in a barn... or waaay out in the country... ;)

It's rarely the words I object to, but the arraingment. It seems like a lot of artists - secular or Christian - just toss off a Christmas song for the season. MS only does Christmas music, which means they pour themselves into it.

Now, you want good, strong music, we just received two CD's from a friend back home. She's incredibly talented and we've been enjoying it along with Mannheim Steamroller. Check it out:

Good stuff!

Rob said...

Ah, the joys of soulless marketing. I rant AGAINST nose rings and various body piercings, so what do the ad links at the top of my blog say? Get your nose ring here!

Too funny.

About as funny as me talking to myself on my blog...

Anonymous said...

oops. guess i was reading too quickly.

i thought you set the ads up there to make a point. what point quite escaped me, needless to say...haha.

i agree. i love the christmas carols that really "get it" because they were written by a bunch of guys now dead that "got it". but i dislike most modern christmas music, christian or secular...the words are usually amost as lame as the music.

i'm brian & sandi's daughter and couldn't resist the oppurtunity to give you a hard time. ;)

Rob said...

I live for it, Dami, so bring it on :)