Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Illusionist

Now this was a good movie. Great complicated script, great complicated directing, wonderful acting... I know you're all waiting for the other shoe to drop, but nope, I really liked this.

The director made a couple of wonderful choices that made the movie work exceptionally well: Eisenheim wasn't flamboyant and it wasn't his story. The cop was the main character, the protagonist, the one who changes. While I saw most of it coming (wouldn't be much of a movie if it went anywhere else) it was still a great show.

My only complaint is with the DVD extras. I'm assuming the consulting magicians didn't allow the practice sessions to be filmed, but it would have been great fun to see Edward Norton learn sleight of hand. Most of the illusions were digital tricks, but he had some real sleight of hand in there as well. I'd also like to know if the illusions could be, in fact, be done without camera effects. They had the compelling problem of normal magic tricks being ho-hum to the sophisticated viewing audience, and without the flamboyant persona, regular tricks that would still thrill an audience back then, wouldn't now. So they "pushed" the tricks further digitally. Or so I assume; can modern magicians do these tricks? I don't want to know how they were done, but it would be cool to see "real" magicians do the same tricks for the extras. Edward Norton wasn't even in the extras.

Really good stuff. Lynette even liked it.


malissa said...

Oh my gosh! You actually liked a movie and Lynette, too! We just bought it because Mike saw it in the theater and loved it. Mike was surprised that I actually figured it out. That does happen sometimes:) See, I am still out here watching.

dawn said...

We knew you'd love this one.

Now you have to see "The Prestige" and see how they compare.

malissa said...

Mike actually stopped by Blockbuster to rent that one last night but it isn't out on video yet. It will be next week. I hope that one is as good.

Rob said...

From the previews, Lynette would not want to see it, so I'm not sure how or when I could. I like the actors and director, so maybe Mike and Malissa will have to have me over to see it... (hint).