Saturday, May 12, 2007

Firehouse Dog

This was a fun movie, marred only by the boom mike dropping into almost every scene. I hope they didn't pay that sound crew. Otherwise, it was a fun movie.

We saw it at the dollar theater, which means one guy in front of us coughing out a lung, little kids chatting animatedly throughout the movie, and babies being rocked in squeaky movie chairs.

Good family flick, worth seeing. Polling the five children we took with us, one saw the mikes and knew what they were, one saw them and didn't know what they were and none of the boys even noticed them. They could have developed movie star Rexxx a little bit more at the beginning, but otherwise it was pretty good (you have to get through the concept that dogs were movie stars in an otherwise realistic world, but then, the boy and his father never heard of the dog movies, so maybe it was an underground cult thing).

C- sound boom
B+ effects
A- Family film


dams said...

i like how you said that.

"the boys didn't even notice them"

i guess that says us girls are more critical. that's sad.

Rob said...

No, it shows you have a much better grasp on details. It's true in my family anyway.

dams said...

actually, you're right about that. some guys are VERY observant. but they're rare. when a guy talks about details it makes you wonder how many sisters he had. haha.