Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jerry Falwell Dies at 73

I think the power of the media first truly hit home with me when I saw Falwell on a talk show with a gay woman. I expected fireworks, rudeness, and intolerance. I expected that from Falwell, since the only thing I knew of him was from news reports and people talking about the news reports.

Instead, he was warm, humorous, humble and did nothing but show this woman (who was rude, nasty and arrogant) the love of Jesus. I was impressed, it changed my view of Falwell and humbled me about believing the media.

The next day, the news reports were blathering about how Falwell had been rude, nasty and arrogant to this humble gay woman. That's when I realized the power of the corrupt news media.

Rest in peace, Mr. Falwell.


dams said...

apparently i don't get out enough.

i never heard of him. but it does sound like the typical american news coverage.

Rob said...

Fallwell was aptly named. In the 80's he was Christian fall guy. People HATED him because he believed that politics and religion were not mutually exclusive. He started the Moral Majority, which, depending on who you are, meant he started the movement that anchored the conservative party, or alternately, the devil that lobbies to legislate morality.

His group, which also encompassed the fundamentalist voting block (never defined before MM came on the scene), is probably responsible for the election of Ronald Reagan (again, arguably, the greatest president in modern history).

He spoke out against immorality in no uncertain terms, from a global platform that held him up to ridicule. Some of his views were a little extreme for my tastes, but then most of it I heard through the media and not him (not a Christian at the time).

You've seen his stereotyped parody on just about any show that has an opinionated Christian leader.

Sherlock said...

i finally updated.

media has gone to pot.

Sherlock said...

Are you awake?!

Rob said...

No, been busy. I'll give you a new post now...