Friday, July 20, 2007

Biblically, we each have a guardian angel. While I have no interest to promote angel worship, what do you think they do, and how do you think they do it? Any guesses on what they look like?


malissa said...

I know that mine stays pretty busy! When my grandmother had open heart surgery, my mom was in her hospital room praying and when she opened her eyes, there was a man with blonde hair in the room with her and he told her that my grandmother would be okay. So, I guess that my grandmother's guardian angel had blonde hair. She probably knows him well, now. She is up there with him. I guess that is one thing that we will find out when we arrive.

malissa said...

I almost told you that story at dinner the other night. Did you bring up angels then?

Rob said...

No, but maybe I should have. The YA book I'm working on is called "Do Angels Still Fall?"

It's about a Guardian Angel who is assigned to a troubled young boy with no friends. Given permission to reveal himself to the boy, the angel begins to find himself in the difficult position of being worshipped... and he's not sure he dislikes it.

I have my own ideas about Guardians in light of God's sovereignty, which suggests to me that Perretti's take is all wrong (much flashier, but wrong). So I wanted to get some other views on them.

What's their job, for example?

Anonymous said...

Nobody ever visits my blog anymore... hint hint?...

you better give me the rest of your chapters so i can keep up with it.

I don't really believe in gaurdian angels. i'm a athiest.
actually i think that God protects us, i don't know if he uses angles for that or not.

Anonymous said...



Rob said...

If you're not sure, Josiah, perhaps you should look it up in your Bible.

Jesus speaks to his disciples about children,referring to "Their angels..."

Peter and Paul both had angelic visits, as did a lot of people in the OT. Were they "guardian" angels? Possibly. The apostles mistake Peter for "his angel."

Biblically, there are angels, and Jesus said at least children have their "own" angels so the concept of Guardian Angels isn't so strange (Daniel tells of Michael, who is the guardian over the city, so there may be a heirachy of angels).

I've got 12 chapters, but I'm going to hang onto them until I can make sure it's going where it needs to go. Soon, though, I hope.