Sunday, September 16, 2007

Jesus was tempted for 40 days in the desert and wilderness where he was tempted (or "temptated" as someone I know and love would say) by the devil.


What did that look like? Was it...

1) a physical confrontation where the devil bodily appeared and spoke out loud to Jesus?
2) a vision or set of visions that took place on a spiritual plane?
3) like we experience temptation in which the devil (or demon) is not heard or seen consciously but effects us subconsciously (but because Jesus could discern spirits, he would know what was really taking place, while we don't know if it's our own flesh or words whispered by demons - indeed, since Jesus had no sin nature, we can't look to this and say that we of the sin nature type are EVER tempted by demons; out flesh is plenty loud enough on it's own.)

Which do you think it was? Yes, I understand that how doesn't really matter, but since it DID actually happen, one of the options above is true.

I know I can count on Green Lantern answering this post, but please everyone else who reads this, post your comments.


malissa said...

Or it could be some other way that we couldn't even fathom, since we aren't Jesus! But I always thought that Satan was physically with Jesus. I guess that is from watching so many movies about Christ.
P.S. Who is the Green Lantern (Besides Bruce Lee?:)

Rob said...

That was the Green HORNET (and he was Kato, the Green Hornet's sidekick)... now that would be a fun movie.

Green LANTERN is yet another psuedonym for our illustrious outlaw.

Rebekah Schwab said...

I too always thought it was a physical encounter- Satan actually standing right next to Jesus. But I was never good at reading between the lines. So, it could have been mental. I don't know. Maybe we will never know. But that is a good question to ponder.

overthinker said...

i would comment, but i read the one you left on the last post and now i can't for 2 reasons:
1) i am all out of bows.
2) i am now conscious of something i wasn't conscious of before, and my pride is so out of hand i have to go to accountability and have it taken care of.


thanks anyway.
even if it was exageratory.
i wish i knew HOW i did it.
cause it never happens when i am arguing a point with my friends.

looks like i commented after all. (but not on the subject at hand, notice)

Green Hornet said...

I thought that Kato was O.J. Simpson's sidekick!

Rob said...

Bruce Lee reincarnated as a ditzy blonde? OK.

Anonymous said...

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting....