Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Only in America...

Okay, get this... Major League Baseball Player Milton Bradley (no, really, that's his name) throws his bat at the umpire for calling the third strike (really, in his direction, he didn't hit the ump). Ump holds a grudge and later "bates" Bradley into throwing his temper. Seems Big Bad Bradley has a well documented temper and the umpire uses profanity in a confrontation with Bradley. Bradley goes after the umpire, his manager holds him back and ends up dumping Bradley on the ground, tearing up his knee.

Do we have the broad strokes? Umpire says something mean and baseball guy goes nuts and hurts him's wittle knee.

And the umpire gets suspended for the rest of the season.

My mouth is open with astonishment. The ump said a discouraging word to someone who threw a BAT at him, and because the player has a temper tantrum and thereby hurts himself, the ump gets suspended.

There is no responsibility or accountability any more. None.


Anonymous said...

I'm back. Again. I will most likely be gone in a few days though lol.

Anonymous said...

It's all about the players. I feelsorry for the ump. Maybe Miltie has learned his lesson and will think twice before he throws a bat at someone again.

Anonymous said...

responsibility is a 2 way street, they should both be disciplined. When 2 people fight 2 people have done "something" wrong. Therefore 2 people should share responsibility. The murderer is just as guilty as the one who gets angry at their spouse.

Rob said...

Sure, a reprimand, but a suspension? I don't know what the ump said, but a bad word isn't grounds for a season suspension (provided it wasn't racist). HE didn't hurt the player's knee, that was all Milton's temper.