Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm still wondering...

How did we end up with McCain?

Persistence is everything, I guess. That guy's been running for President since I was a kid, every time, he throws his hat in the ring and people wisely throw it back out. Only this time he won.

The conspiracy theorist in me is shouting we now have proof the whole thing is rigged. We had better candidates... well, we had one.

Let's talk about Huckabee for a moment. He was caught in a catch 22; harping on the Fair Tax (a wonderful thing) was the only way to get noticed, and it's probably what lost him the nomination (which truthfully, he never had a shot at anyway).

Unless it's rigged, McCain has no way to win. I have yet to hear anyone who likes him other than on talk radio. I've seen thousands of Obama stickers and signs and none for McCain. He's going to play horribly in the debates (now, personally, I think Obama is an awful speaker and he's funny looking, but I seem to be in the minority here). Obama will show up and look young and energetic; McCain will show up looking stuffy and old. Obama will play with McCain like a cat plays with a mouse.

I've said this before, and I'll say it again: Huckabee was un-nominateable, but he could have won the election. He could have matched Obama in the celebrity factor because Huck's funny and likable. He has fresh ideas, and while being conservative, he's not Bush-like. The debates would have been something to watch. They'll still be something to watch, but in the train-wreck kind of way.

The Republican party has been running on fumes since Reagan left the White House. It's now coasting uphill. As far as I can tell, the Democrats have never had fuel, but they're good at pushing the car and it's all downhill this election.


Sherlock said...

In a nutshell:

Conservitives were divided this year. Some liked huckabee, one or two liked mr. plastic man who's name escapes me, Rudy had a few people in his corner and one or two absolutley blind idealists loved Ron Paul (a silly looking old man who had no chance in heck of winning hence a waste of votes). While conservitives divided themselves up, liberal "republicans" meanwhile, banded together for mccain. If only someone could simply unite republicans with one write in.

And now we are screwed, hammered and nailed.

Rob said...

Are you sure you're a teenager?

Very insightful.

Oh, and I may be wrong. Apparently, McCain spanked Obama in Saturday's debate. Go figure.

Sherlock said...

Unfortunatley yes, I am a teenager.

I just try to fight the stereotypical attitudes and ideas that come with the age.

missy said...

Have you read "Do Hard Things" by
Alex & Brett Harris? (Josh Harris' twin brothers) It's about teenage rebellion against low expectations. Good book. If you want to borrow it, Zach has it. He had to read it for school. (Don't know if he learned anything from it, though.)

LeeMac said...

One thing for sure, I'm not happy.

sherlock said...

I have heard a lot about it.

If you bring it some sunday, I would love to borrow it.

sherlock said...

I'm sure Zach got something out of it. He seemed to be more mature than he normally pretends not to be at ignite.

Meaning at ignite I was impressed by some of the things he said.