Sunday, March 29, 2009

Does This Make Sense?

I like to wash my hands before I eat, especially at restaurants. So I give a good scrubbing with soap and water (I like the foam soap the best) and go to dry my hands. A "hand dryer" blowing out hot air with the hope of me being patient enough to wait for it to dry my hands hangs on the wall with some amorphous claim to be more environmentally friendly than paper towels.

Okay, paper towels are most often recycled paper, and even if not, trees are a renewable resource, right?

Air dryers, on the other hand are electric. Here in Florida, electricity is generated by burning coal, a non-renewable resource. Further, most people are like me and are impatient and annoyed by the lack of real drying power, so we end up wiping our hands on our jeans and walking off (defeating the purpose of clean hands). The dryer then continues to blow its preset cycle, raising the temperature and kicking the A/C into overdrive, burning more coal.

This is green how?


B.L.S. said...

Besides, you can leave faster if you have paper towels, as you can dry your hands in four secs.

Charli Rae said...

Four seconds? Try two. I cut it down to half the time. Although, I have to admit that even if there are paper towels, most of the time I wipe my hands on my jeans.

Sunrise said...

Plus, if you're REALLY germaphobic, you can use your paper towel to cover the bathroom door handle on your way out.

In defense of air dryers, at least they don't run out of air, or have loads of air SITTING in them that you can't get to because the little rotary-advancing gizmo is broken.

Rob said...

I'm really germaphobic? Must be Lynette's influence.

I suppose the 'lectricity is cheaper than the paper and more labor efficient because no one has to change it. So the company is green, but green as in money, not green as in environmental.

Josiah said...