Friday, December 04, 2009

Farewell and See You Soon, Jim!

Jim M.'s memorial service was beautiful is so many ways. He and Grace have a wonderful family and they shared from their hearts to make Jim's life shine.

The passing and sharing of friends reminds us of how blessed we are. I looked around at the people in Jim's life and saw so many of my closest friends--life friends. What a shared community we have.

Jim was not an old man. 10 years my senior, but certainly not old. It's a reminder that we don't have 8 or 9 decades guaranteed to us and that the special people of our life should know that they are.

And as our hearts reach out to Grace's, we can't help but think what life would be like in her circumstance. I doubt I'd do as well. Lynette is as breath to me, and like oxygen, I can take her for granted. Lord, may I show her regularly how desperate I would be without her and how blessed I am to have her. Knowing this, join in praying for Grace! I can't imagine a more difficult journey.


momma s said...

I was so blessed by being in attendance last night -What a wonderful memorial to a man who loved the Lord and shared that love with others. I will really miss that friendly, cheerful man in our fellowship. He was a blessing to so many. May at least half as much be said at my memorial!