Thursday, February 01, 2007

Is it ironic that God, for whom time is an option, is a God of timing?

Wayne spoke elegantly last night (as always) of "staying on mission" and doing all that we do in light of pleasing God. And this morning potential for opportunity presents itself that, without that timely word last night I could easily, in my always persistent flesh, focus on the wrong aspect and get excited by the wrong thing.

It is through such things that God presents Himself with a smile and a wink. "What good does it do a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?" Or more colloquially, "Don't get ahead of yourself; take My hand and stroll in My pleasure." May it always be so, Lord.

This is especially poignant now because back in Seattle, a bright and beautiful 15 year old girl lies in a coma, experiencing horrible seizures whenever they lessen her medication. Her parents don't yet know the Lord; and yet even in that, while the bigger picture leaves us wondering, God inserts little moments of His precious timing that says "Even here, I AM."

Those incidents of God's obvious presence and timing must sustain us through the difficult times when God is not silent, but we are deaf. Our ears must turn inward to the voice of faith. For this, too, pleases God.


sherlock said...

too serious to joke.

overthinker said...

what is her name? I'll be praying for her...

Rob said...

Zoe; and please, please do. I know if I were her parents I'd be a puddle. Trying to get through something like that without knowing God's grace would be horrible.

Thank you!

overthinker said...

i've been praying. so her family isn't saved?

sherlock said...

My movie blog has 2 new posts u might be interested in Mr. Swan.

SHORT PEOPLE STAND PROUD(just not as tall as most proud people)

sry to joke while u r all talking about a sick person, i'll pray too.