Monday, February 19, 2007

Started my weight management program today. Can't give too many details in a public forum, but this is the program of one of my clients. I've been looking forward to this for awhile. I could have started last Monday, but with my 16th anniversary and V-Day last week, today seemed better.

I got my bow-flex cleaned up yesterday. Swallowed a handful of supplements and drank a big glass of water. Took my mile walk with Lynette this morning, did a little muscle training (not really, I'll learn the right way soon; for now I just did a few sets for arms and chest). And I enjoyed my first meal replacement shake for breakfast.

It wasn't bad. A little gritty, but the taste was good. I got a brain freeze with the first sip, then it went down smoothly. I don't know if it does what it says it will, yet. I've rarely eaten breakfast, so I don't get hungry normally until lunch. I'll have another shake for lunch after a mid morning snack and a lot of water. If I'm not hungry at two, then I'll know if it really works (but I'm sure it will. I've got a ton of confidence in my client).

My goals are pretty simple. I bought a pair of 501 jeans a year ago that fit for about two weeks. My goal is to fit in them again.

My body comp said I need to lose 40 pounds and gain 20 pounds of muscle for a net loss of 20 pounds. Motivation has always been my downfall, but this program addresses that through knowledge - more so than any other plan I've seen. It's already working for a number of people, so I'm excited to see what it will do for me. More important than the physical dimension is the mental component. My memory has been slipping, as well as my reasoning abilities. This program should give a lot of that back.

Can't wait. :)


damaris said...

wow. you sure you don't get paid for your time on this thing? ;)

awww. it's sweet how you honored my sis...try being convicted by a 2-yr-old...

malissa said...

You mean that if I lose weight I'll get my memory back?! Did you dust your bow-flex off so you could hang your clothes on it and they don't get dirty? Mike (and I) are supposed to so the same thing. I think that we will wait until we get back from our trip. Then we can see how thin you are;)
Had fun with your family today. Got to ride Kracken (sp?) with Lynette and Zach.

Rob said...

You will if you use this method. Seriously, many of the memory problems we experience as we get older are physiological in nature. This program straightens out your physiological problems and the rest falls in line.

Day Two. My back hurts from exercising, my pants are still tight, BUT I am not hungry, nor is my energy flagging at all. I doubt it's psychosematic since I was too busy today to think about it. (Memory is still poor, though. It took me almost a minute to remember what the word was for "all in your head" which I had to use so the outlaw won't make a comment about there being nothing in my head...

Rob said...

Whoa, this was weird. I am not a morning person. I wake up in stages, form reluctance, bleary eyed denial, and sluggish comportment for a couple hours. I feel like the dead coming back to a quasi-life.

Today, my eyes open at 6:50 and I'm awake. Not bright eyed or bushy tailed, but solidly awake.

I remember taking a shower. That's rare.

I feel incredibly productive this morning, so of course I'm not going to be able to work - we're leaving for the Tampa Aquarium in one hour.

I was told this early morning wakefulness would be a benefit of the program, but I had my doubts. If this continues... :) :) :)

damaris said...

hahaha. taking a shower is rare? did you come from the middle ages?

i know what you meant.