Monday, February 05, 2007

Superbowl Sunday

Believe it or not, I like watching football - at least the big games (and any game at M&M's). This one, though, while a blast because of the company I was priviledged to share it with, was dissappointing.

First, Billy Joel's grandpa sang the national athem (they said it was actually Billy Joel, himself, but I know what Billy looks like and this wasn't him).

I loved the first quarter. I was rooting for the Bears (because I think any group of guys from Chicago should be able to beat anybody in any other city. Anybody remember Capone? Probably not the best rational, but I used to pick the team by who had the coolest looking helmet - so the Rams and Chargers should have been in every Superbowl). A touchdown off the kickoff and I thought I had a sure thing. No such luck, but fumbles were fun to watch.

The best thing about the Superbowl is supposed to be the commercials. There were only a couple (Rock, Paper, Scissors with a real rock, and the Doritos commercials). To be fair, we skipped the GoDaddy commercials because who needs filth on a Sunday (or any day?)?

And Prince. Remember when he could sing? No? Maybe my memory's bad, as it is with everything else. Again, to be fair, it was raining. No one was electrocuted, which I'm sure dissappointed the Bears...

Before the game we saw a little bit of basketball. Better known as snoreball. Baseball is all-American, football is romanesque in a gladitorial kind of way, and basketball is just plain booorrrringgggg no matter where it's played.


malissa said...

I liked the M&M's comment. How appropriate! I for one, thoroughly enjoyed the game, and the company. I decided to root for the underdog after Chicago scored on the kick-off. And my daddy is from Indiana. Christine and I had fun hollering so you guys could hear us upstairs. I was a little disappointed in the commercials, but I didn't get to watch all of them anyway. I'm sorry, but we don't need something special for all of us to get together. It needs to be more often.
Well now, finally a blog that I can add to! :)

malissa said...

P.S. I beg to differ on the basketball thing. But the best part of the game is the last 10 minutes or so.

damaris said...

i liked the coke commercial. but we didn't see all of them anyway.

i'm not fond of pro-basketball because of the players. but i like college. baseball is ok, but it needs to be live.
i lose interest in both on tv.

well, since i was going for the colts i liked the superbowl. it wasn't as bad as last year's.

Sherlock said...

we all wanted some of the lightning to hit prince. is it a male or female?

anyway you have no taste in teams. have you not heard the colts story?

anyway, i loved the office in the jungle commercials.

it was a funny game.

Rob said...

Story? The Colts have a story?

You must understand, until the day before the game I had no idea who was playing. A checker at Publix asked who I was rooting for and I said I didn't know how was playing. Utter silence greeted me from all around. It was a moment, let me tell you.

What's the Colt's story?

malissa said...

Would you please tell us the Colt's story? I haven't heard it either. But I do like Dungy (sp?)

Sherlock said...

ahem ahem ahem...

Once upon a time thier was this coach dude whos kid committed suicide. The coach dudes team decided to actually play good for thier coach.
Meanwhile this other quarterback guy had the entire media on his back saying he wasn't good enough etc.

They one the superbowl and lived normally ever after.

The End

Rob said...

Wow, that's intense.

So you're saying that the Colts were just phoning it in until they had a reason to get good? (No wonder I went for the Bears. They just like to hit people really hard.)

I notice Malissa got away with calling you the outlaw name. Favoritism! Favoritism!

malissa said...

I think that Josie was just respecting his elders. He didn't like it when I called him that at church on Sunday.
BTW, Josie, Prince is a man, or his name would be Princess! And he rocks, just like the 80's! Right Rob?! Well, he did back in the 80's, just like Rob & I. 80'S RULE!

malissa said...

Sherlock, were you homeschooled? You need to go back and find out how to spell "their" correctly ;)
And it is "won", not one. That is quantitative.