Monday, July 30, 2007

"24" seems to be all the rage for so many of my friends. I finally borrowed the DVDs from a friend and watched the first several episodes.

I'm not sure what the big deal is. For all the action and frenetic pace, it's boring. (I'm also amused by "everything happens in real time" which must mean that every location in the city must be a thirty second drive away.)

I might watch a few more to see if I can get into it, but not so far.


Rob said...

I figured out why I don't care for 24. They aren't exploring theme at all, they're just exploring plot. Characterization is picked up along the way, but at least in the first few episodes, we don't know why they are the characters they are. If it's all shot in "real time" then we probably aren't going to learn.

24 is fiction trying to be a reality show. They may as well shoot it in "real time."

Lost, on the other hand, drags plot out to almost ridiculous lengths, but it is all about theme and characterization. Flashbacks develop the stories hinted at on the island. There are some things that are such a credibility stretch that it borders on hokey (the hatch and bunker are the weak points, in my opinion, yet from the extras on the first season DVD, that was what drew J.J. Abrams to the series. There's enough mystery, though, that I keep coming back.)