Thursday, November 08, 2007

CMA Awards

Staying at my parents, I have access to TV and I admit to looking forward to being able to watch the CMA Awards.

I was dissappointed.

I am impressed by the multiple ironies surrounding Carrie Underwood. Presumably when she was on American Idol, it was stressed how important live presentation is. She nailed each of her performances last night, but many of the veterans did not even come close (nor did many of the new ones). Another irony is that she won the Best whatever in competition with several of the performers she mimicked on American Idol and now she was beating those some artists.

Rascal Flatts is one of my favorite groups, but they didn't acquit themselves well in either performance last night. In fact I thought of the whole group the only outstanding performers were the brand new ones. Carrie Underwood, Sugarland (though I didn't like their song), Brooks and Dunn, and old-timer Kenny Chesney were the only ones I thought could carry a tune. Well, to be fair, Josh Turner did his usual job, though I don't think a bass voice lends well to solo singing.

Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley and the other new guy gave valient efforts but weren't anywhere near Carrie Underwood's level.

Part of it was bad sound quality, but I was dissappointed overall.

Eagles: These guys rock. Even subdued and respectful, they were the highlight (the lowlight was Leanne Rhimes who just looked plain scary. Thumbs down to the makeup designers. Still, she's a good role model in behavior, if not fashion sense).


Malissa said...

You listen to country music?! That's a new revelation!

Rob said...

Listen? No, THRIVE on it.

Classic Rock is about anger.

80's Rock is about ambivilance.

Modern Rock (which is barely rock) is back to psychopathic rage.

Country is about life in all it's up's and down's. It's often reverant and, admittedly, sometimes profane. They are most often stories songs and they aren't all "luv songs."

I'm not so up on the old stuff, but the last several years have had some really great songs.

And while you have the occassional country star in lawbreaking wild behavior, it's the exception and not the norm.

I'm not the point where I know all their names, but I'm familiar with a lot of the songs (and I'm infecting my kids - some of the videos are fun to watch on

More than you wanted to know, huh?

dams said...

you watched the CMA awards.
i guess everybody has thier downfall.

((that is not a diss on country music. there is some good stuff out there, i'm a little country, i'll admit it...)

Rob said...

So... that's just a dis on me?

the spelling teacher said...

Damaris, have you been taking spelling lessons from Josie? ;)

Rob said...

Oooo... and that was a dis on you!

dams said...


yes mr swanson. i may have dissed myself but i still took you down with me. :)

{{that wasn't my intent but thanks for the idea}}

Sherlock said...


your hurtful words have uh, hurt my feelings...

Sherlock said...

Well that was sad, on to my original comment:

I really really really am ashamed to admit that Leanne's "Nothin' Better To Do" is one of my favorite songs. Sad isn't it? I like the beat (syncapated) and it reminds me of slow and sleepy belmont....

still Kaleb Williams was quite shocked: "Dude. She steals money. From the offering!"

me: exactly! nothin' better to do...

Kaleb: What kind a lame excuse is that?!

me: Now that you mention it....

spelling teacher, please get a blog so that i can scrutinize it for spelling mistakes.

Sherlock said...

You have not heard music until you listen and purchase "Linus and Lucy" by Vince Gerauldi. I'm learning it in piano. It's way above my level but oh well.

the spelling teacher said...

i do make spelling misteaks sometimes ;). it's just fun to point out yours. this is weird, not using correct punctuation! (did i spell that write?)

Rob said...

Well, if you're learning how to play "Linus and Lucy" then I'll wait until you can play it for me. :)

Sherlock said...

Haha, fat chance. I choke when i know someone's listening to me play. haha, puncuation is my greatest downfall.