Friday, November 02, 2007

Go Fred! ????

Hmmm, my Dad asked about my opinion of Fred Thompson and while I said a particular brainy friend of mine is very pro-Go-Fred, I'd have to do a little research to answer his question.

I'm pleasantly surprised. I'm impressed. He's not an actor-turned-politician like Reagan, he's a politician-moonlighting-as-an-actor (though he has quite the filmography).

Dirt-wise, he's divorced and has cancer. That seems to be about it. To his good, he seems to be his own man, standing up to the Republican Party when he thinks they're wrong. He is a lawyer, a former senator, and seems very up on today's innovative tech. He's got a strong sense of humor and an acid bite when he wants one.

I had been thinking Rudy would be the best bet to beat Hillary if she wins the nomination, but I was also thinking if Gore swept in and took the nomination that we'd be in trouble. I don't think so anymore.

Here's what I think is an interesting dilemma. I'm not sure Thompson can win the nomination (Republicans all look alike and Rudy seems to be the only orange in the orchard), but if he does, I bet he could beat any Democrat running against him.

Malissa's right: Go Fred!


Malissa said...

I really haven't done that much research on him, but the little that I know, I like. I like Rudy, but he isn't as conservative as I would like. Fred seems to be. So, GO FRED!