Wednesday, November 14, 2007


After an exhausting, jet-lagging flight I have returned to Orlando... to a powerless home.

Seems a neutral line had been corroded in the front yard, creating a horrible overload. It's been fixed through the help of a friend and the power company.

Damage? The microwave is fried, the dishwasher may be damaged, the garage door opener is busted. Charli's surge protector saved her computer, but fried itself with smoke and stink. Our clock radio is broken. All the other computers are fine... except mine.

In my office, the surge was so bad that all sockets burned and the surge protector actually melted. BUT the surge protector guarding my computer and other electronics seemed fine. Everything worked except the PC itself. Fortunately it's still under warranty and the CompUSA geeks think it's just the power supply and the hard drive should be fine. Unfortunately it will take a week to fix. Hopefully the power company will reimburse me for the other damages.

Joy to the world...


damaris said...

i am terribly sorry. hopefully your work will not all be lost.

and there is nothing sarcastic i can say to a post like that. good job.

Rob said...

SYMPATHY! YES, just what I was looking for!

Thank you, Damaris. :)

And thank you for you're work in Children's Ministry set-up. You jumped in and helped in a very difficult situation.

Why, if I was 25 years younger... I'd ask to be a groomsman at your wedding...

Sherlock said...

wait, i'm confused. Charlie's surge protector protected her comp, but it blew up anyhoo???

Anyway, just got dreamweaver, i'm all exciterated.

I am sorry about your comp as well. You might be able to have someone like geek squad retrieve your hard drive.

Rob said...

No, that was a case of mistaken flames. Charli's surge protector sparked, spewed and smoked, making them think it was her computer. She has a Dell, which whethered everything even though it was on.
I have a Gateway, which blew the power supply when it wasn't even turned on and everything else on that undamaged surge protector was fine. Go figure.

The computer is under warranty still, and the guy at CompUSA is pretty sure it's just the power box. The hard drive should be fine. I'm hoping to get it back soon.

Have fun weaving dreams (y'know, it's funny, I've told my kids they need to learn how to build websites and none of them were interested. You tell them and they all want to take the class now. Don't let anyone tell you don't have loads of influence, Bubba!)

Well, I'm off to a job interview. Cross your fingers or bend your knees, please. :)