Thursday, January 31, 2008

The irony of politics

I suppose we get the president we deserve.

It has happened many times before; a republican candidate who can easily beat the democrat can't beat the other republicans for the nomination. And there's only one reason...


Romney is winning. Romney is a flip-flopping spineless man of no integrity, BUT he has more money than they others, which means he can buy more television air time for commercials. Consider for a moment: his ads have little policy or substance, but his name and face become familiar. That's enough for the limited intelligence of today's Americans.

There is a simple solution: Politicals candidates should be restricted from push technology. Put all the ads you want on YouTube, run as many websites as you want. Publish articles (no ads) in newspapers (free, though, no paid spots). The only money spent must be on pull technology.

Push tech is passive. It comes to you on television or ads in papers and magazines. It requires no thought and no action on the viewers part.

With Pull tech you have to take action (you know: research). You have to go to YouTube and look up the videos. You have to go to the websites. You have to read the articles.

Mr. C. challenged me to dig into Mike Huckabee more than I had. I did and was delighted to discover what a great candidate he is. The ONLY great candidate. All others pale in comparison. This man should be the next president, but he doesn't have the financial machine behind him. So he's run a grassroots campaign that is impressive in scope.

But Romney, who has been pro-choice, anti-second amendment, and every other liberal position you can name, runs as a conservative and people are dumb enough to believe it. But when he's running against Hillary, she'll bring out his hypocrisy and make him eat glass. He will not, cannot win and if by some miracle he does, he'll be no better than Hillary.

Equally revolting is the demogogary that some people give Rush, Hannity, and other radio personalities. They believe them because they hear them and seemingly don't question.

America is going to have a horrible next president, and we deserve it.


Sherlock said...

Ay YI YI!! (ELLLL TIGREEE) oh wait, that's jokes to young for you old folks. never mind.

anyhoo, huckabee is awesome (my great great great grandma calls him "huckleberry") I tink (intentional) that if republicans would just band together, we could get him in office. sigh. that won't be happening sadly. I'm not quite that frightened of hilary (ie. in the political sense. she still gives me nightmares) because a lot of people see right through her...

Don't write off america just yet mr. cynicswan. There is hope...

either way, i'm buying a ticket to wales.

Sherlock said...

I am putting a link to your blog from mine... expect spam...

actually I don't think I will... I don't want you to have to close down cuz of me lol. (for your elderly info, LOL = laugh out loud, in which case the typer does not always laugh out loud, it simply serves as a joking informant, like "jking" but quicker.)

Anonymous said...

Josie, ROFLOL! Do you know what that means? I know who El Tigree is (but I don't know how to spell it!). Do I frighten you? I tink not!

Rob said...

"Cynicswan"... I like it!

My writing team at work finds me a confusing mix of cynicism and cheeriness. Happy to befuddle the world.