Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh, THAT Amendment

First, let me trumpet my disgust with the writers of all those yea/nay ads about any amendment. The resounding school of knowledge says "Don't tell anyone what the amendment is, or give any reason other than 'it's bad' or 'it's good.'"

They believe that if you don't know what the amendment is, you shouldn't find out. That way, whoever yells yea or nay loud enough wins.

Amendment 1. It shouldn't be an amendment because it doesn't secure a right.

That being said, the detracts say the homestead increase will hurt schools and benefit rich people and not poor people.

As a poor people, I say let the lottery actually help schools like it said it was going to. If it isn't going to HURT us poor people, what do I care if it benefits rich people?

Rich people are not evil and shouldn't be punished for being successful. If a law or an amendment will help them and not hurt me, why is that a bad thing?

The Florida constitution is plagued with stupid amendments and in my opinion if it doesn't secure a right, it shouldn't be an amendment regardless of the intent. So I'd vote no but not because it would be a bad thing, just a bad amendment.

Clear as mud?


sherlock said...

Sorry for not commenting in so long. Been insanely busy.

I'm not sure I understand, so I shall not air my ignorance for a change.

dams said...

pretty much that last sentance.
but then
i haven't listened to talk radio in awhile so politics is beyond me right now..