Sunday, January 13, 2008

Things that make go HMMMM... at the Disney Marathon

As we have for the last 9 years, we volunteered to man (and woman) the 25th mile waterstop. Ben joined us for the first time, and like always it was inspiring and exhausting. Some people looked good, some looked better, and some looked downright strange. Here are a few highlights:

  • We think the guy in first was the same guy as last year, though he had more tattoos.
  • The first woman, who normally comes in twentieth or thirtieth, came in third place. She didn't look like she was straining.
  • Fewer people were bleeding this year, and there were thousands more runners than ever before.
  • We didn't see anyone dressed up for the longest time. When we finally did, it was Minnie Mouse in full dress and bloomers. Minnie was an Asian man looking very serious. I can only hope he lost a bet and had to do it.
  • One skinny white guy came prancing by in white Speedos. JUST white Speedos. They should be outlawed.
  • Not to be outdone, another fellow jogged by in full gladiator gear up top and bright red Speedos down below. When we laughed (you just couldn't help it) a runner behind him said, "Try looking at that for 25 miles..." she was not amused.
  • Other notable costumes were another Minnie (this one female), a large guy with a drooping mustache in a Supergirl costume. A family dressed in full "Incredibles" uniforms without the masks. Assorted Peter Pans, Tinkerbells, Goofys, Stitchs, a couple aliens and a bride with no bridegroom (he may have dropped out or I just missed him).
  • Traditionally, the first and second guy have no interest in water. They just sail by like they're out for a light jog. The FOURTH guy wanted water and the lead tables were still setting up and no one offered him anything. Poor guy was not happy, maybe a bit mad, and when he swerved over to get his own darn water, the cups were empty. Ooops. Our tables, the later tables, made sure to give him some water. When I gently reminded the lead tables they should actually hold water out for them, they got ticked and said we could come down and help them instead of just standing around up there at our tables. Wellll excccussssseee Meeeeeee! We had our three layers set up and ready to go in very little time (9 years experience, don't you know) and we had twice as many tables.... okay, I felt a little bad for opening my mouth, but the look of sheer desperation on that runner's face was piercing. (And, true several of the front table people were working, but I counted six people who just stood and watched him run by. FOCUS, PEOPLE!)

Next year, we'll have Charli, too, if we can roust her out of bed at 5:00 am.


someonewhohadtotype uinajfui said...

Rousing charli + 5 am = decapitation. You do not have know algebra to figure that out.

See, this is what makes a good blog post. something intresting happens, you write about it, exagerate a few minor details, interprate it in your own laungauge. and poof! your done.

Sadly, nothing of intrest has happend to me recently. Ho-hum. Hi-ho cherio.
Anyhoo, i'll do a post about bowling, but I can't really do much with it due to the fact that I could possibly hurt the feelings of soverign grace highschoolers all around the planet.

Missy said...

You didn't use spell check!

dams said...

my brother just said that you exagerate(sp?) facts. ohmygoodness.
aren't you going to rub it in and make him feel bad for WEEKS??!!

funny post. imagining you and lynette watching all those people is entertaining. and i like the humble, kind help you showed to the less-experianced, unsure-what to-do-so-we-just-stand-here-feeling-awkward water folks a few tables up...

Rob said...

Oh, I thought he was saying he exagerated. I'll have to look, but I don't think I exagerated (which I'm prone to do, but deception? I prefer to keep that secret is all...)