Friday, June 05, 2009

In Response to Sherlock (or, There's No Place Like Holmes)

I, too, saw the trailer for the new Sherlock Holmes. At first I was aghast.

At second, too.

But still, you have to admire the brazen reinvention of Sir Conan Doyle's flagship character.

I mean, be fair. Just because he solved crimes doesn't mean he was a sterling fellow. He was a drug addict, after all, who hung around rather dense friends making him display his genius at every turn. Such arrogance...

And how much respect does Doyle really deserve; he was duped by children crying "fairy!" He hared after every ridiculous notion of the fraudulent supernatural.

It remains to be seen if this new breath of life for an almost-forgotten character to today's generation will be worthy of that life.


Sunrise said...


Once you've seen the Jeremy Brett BBC versions, there is no substitute.

Particularly one whose Holmes is so utterly un-Holmes-like.

We'll probably see it. But I'm not going in with any expectations.

Rob said...

But are you sure he's un-holmes like? After all those British authors are very subdued and skittish. Perhaps one needs to read ACD's Holmes with an eye toward reader exaggeration to catch what ACD really means...

(Of course, this from the guy who thinks James Bond should have been retired after Sean Connery left--I have no idea who Danial Craig is playing. Perhaps 008, 009? It isn't 007.)