Saturday, June 06, 2009

Tiller and Roeder

Murder or vigilantism? The church-going late-term abortionist is killed in his church (!) by an anti-abortionist=murder. And a very bad hit against pro-lifers, giving pro-abortionists another straw man to play with.

I have no doubt that Tiller was a murderer in God's eyes, just not legally. Will any babies live who would have otherwise died at Tiller's hands? Probably not, so not only was there no short-term gain, there is significant damage to long-term efforts.

I do understand Roeder's frustration, seeing something so clearly heinous and being unable to do anything about it. Most of us have felt that frustration and helplessness to the point of verging on insanity. Roeder healed over into insanity, though. His actions assuaged his own emotions and harmed the life movement (admittedly, his movement wasn't "our" movement. Terrorism is not a part of pro-life on any level).

If this fight is to ever be won (and I suppose we'd need to agree on what "winning" looks like--some believe victory comes from a change in the law; others of us believe it comes from a change of the American heart), it will be done through love, knowledge, and compassion. Nothing else will succeed. Roeder and his group are hypocrites.

The answer will not be found in doctors, only in the hearts, souls, and minds of the mothers and fathers.