Thursday, June 18, 2009

Living in a Sound Byte World

I've been a cranky Christian lately. I'm frustrated with media Christians who take stances I think miss the point; participating in a sound byte mentality and thereby misrepresenting what I believe Jesus stands for.

Momentary clips do not convey the love and compassion that exemplify Christ's stand on issues. I so struggle with putting things into law. How do we portray the love of God by passing amendments that do not preserve rights? By railing against particular sins en mass instead of one heart at a time? Jesus will establish His reign and exercise his sovereignty someday, but as a man on Earth he did not push for laws; he preached, he touched individuals... Paul called us to live a high standard, but he didn't try to encode morality in the law (that hadn't worked for thousands of years before, why now?)

Abortion activists reaching out to those crossing the line is wonderful, so don't mistake my intention. They ideally are preaching the love of God while showing it.

In trying to make the media work for us, how do we succeed when anything we say is going to be shortened to a 30 second blip of the worst part of the message?