Sunday, February 11, 2007

I was listening to 4Him's "Great Awakening" and thought how cool it would be to experience a revival? Not where a person or two come to the Lord, but thousands. A Peter-on-the-steps-of-the-temple kind of revival. An Edwards or Finney kind of revival. The kind where you look out the window and people walking by spontaneously break out in song, dancing in the Spirit, prophetic proclamations. Business meetings turn into prayer and confession; everyone extolling praise for the Lord.

Then I look honestly at myself and question if I would truly find it cool or not. New believers, especially thousands of new believers, exhibit a zeal that I could find threatening in my complacency. I realize I need revival as much as any unbeliever. Within all of us exists unbelief that God wants to revive into solid belief. We're all potential for revival. A great awakening among the wakeful dozers.

Now THAT would be cool.


malissa said...

A revival of thousands would be cool. I truly think that I could use a revival everyday! Complacency (sp?) stinks :(.

Sherlock said...

yes. thats nice. but... its 4-him.

Please. You don't really listen to 4-him... i hope.

i look at myself in the mirror and say. Wow, i'm glad i have better things to listen to than 4-him.

Sherlock said...
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Rob said...

Yes, I listen to 4-Him. They can sing and sing well. We even attended their farewell concert.

I confess that I find the Z to be practically unlistenable. Not only do they have the most obnoxious DJ (and I thought we had gotten rid of her when she moved, but no such luck) they play, like, three songs over and over again. Bad songs. Songs that seem to try and find new, flat, atonal notes with sandpapered throats.

Christian pop has finally found their own style. It's a bad style. It sounds terrible, but it's their own and they're welcome to it.

Why, who do you listen to?

malissa said...

How do you go from talking about a great revival to bashing 4Him and the Z? It wrong, very wrong!

Rob said...

He started it!

The Martin Family said...

Get on the Z listening board! If there is 1 thing I got from being in MS (beside an appreciation for sunshine, ok well also good church doctrine, great friends I guess the list is long) but the one I'm trying to focus on, is today's Christian music rocks. The problem is the choices they make on the Z. I love and appreciate the fact that the songs they play aren't full of wordly junk, but as I've said to them "safe for the little ears is great but boredom for the larger ears, not so much" So get on their music advisory board.