Tuesday, August 14, 2007

God has a sense of humor...

I was trying to spiff the place up for Lynette and the kid's return tomorrow, and spent several hours pressure washing. What began as a sore back turned into muscle spasms, which make it very difficult to move. So I'm applying a heating pad, then cleaning until it hurts again, then more heat, followed by more cleaning... the things we do for love.

You know how there are people you just click with? Instant friends. Then there are those you don't click with. Not dislike, just no click. That's my problem with my dog (who I can talk about on here because he can't read -- I'm pretty sure Rainy could, so it's a good thing we clicked). R.J. is a nice dog. I don't dislike him, I just don't really like him all that much. I've never had that with a small dog before. I don't generally like big dogs (with the exception of Fritz, who is the coolest big dog on the planet). Grizzly and I have finally clicked, but poor R.J. needs his kids back for a little attention. I almost feel guilty about it, until I remember that I feed and water the mutt, so he's not suffering.

Just a few rambling thoughts, thinned by painkillers...