Thursday, August 30, 2007

Theoretical Question

If you have cancer that has a chance at being successfully treated, but a small chance, is it wrong to not have that treatment? Is it sinful to let the cancer run it's terminal course?

This hypothetical person is 60ish, no wife, maybe but probably does not have any kids, and if he does they're adults.

Sin or not sin?


Anonymous said...

A Theoretical Answer

I do not believe there is single right or wrong answer to this very intriguing question. I think it may be sinful to forgo treatment in some cases, yet in others it may not. The answer is that each victim of cancer or any other affliction should turn to God for wisdom on what to do. I recommend B.O.P. (my little "how do I discover God's will" acronym). God speaks to us in many different ways, but we are promised that He will speak to us through:

B - the Bible
O - the wise counsel of Others
P - Prayer

By seeking God's will, one might find that God is calling him/her home to be with Him and that fighting Him and undergoing treatment would be sinful.

Another might feel God's call to continue a task He has given to completion; thereby undergoing treatment would bring confidence and hope, but forgoing it might bring despair and emptiness.

What makes questions like this so fascinating is the reality that there is no clear Biblical precedent to draw upon. So we must be careful in applying a one-size-fits-all answer. That's one thing I love about Rob...he asks such good questions!

Rob said...

Glad to hear from you, Scott!

Okay, good answer and very complete.

Other thoughts?