Sunday, May 21, 2006

Ben's birthday was Friday, so we went to the Spaghetti Factory with Lynette's cousins and sister. It was a party of 18 and great time was had by all. Then Saturday, my family had a party at my sister's where talked about authors and history, and, praise the Lord, I have a wonderful family!

Lynette's family is having a party today, but Ben is dreadfully sick, so he and I are staying at my folks house while Lynette and the girls see her family.

My mom is doing pretty well. It's a shock to see her so frail and thin. She sleeps a lot (wish I could!) but all in all, she's doing well. We're helping them get settled in their new house. Their dog, Missy, has been both a blessing and a difficulty for the kids (and us). She bound through the house last night, her tags jingling, and Aly thought it was Rainier, then had a strong crying jag when she realized he was gone for good. We all do, really, but it's doubly heartbreaking to see the kids go through this so young. God has a plan in this, though, so I'm confident this will have a positive outcome. Meanwhile, they play with Missy and offer her the love they have for Rainey.

There are still several restaurants to be experienced, so expect the Swansons to roll in like blimps when we get home. :)


Splitter Family said...

Hey, enjoy the great food, fun and fellowshp. Analize all the great dishes and share them with us. One of Steve and my favorite things to do after we or he has eaten a fab meal is to try and recreate it together at home. Steve is better at figuring out what is in a dish than I am. sometimes we get close other times we create something new.I think we even created a baby one of those times.We miss you guys
Ally and Charlie
Danielle says Hi hi hi hi low lol
What do you call a frogs favorite soda? Croakacola
What do pink, purple, frogs, butterflies and flowers have in common? MY ROOM, we are painting it and mom says its LOUD, but I love it and can't wait for you to see it. I miss you all Danielle
Aaron says Hi hi hi hi soar, I hope you get to felling better soon.

Yandells said...

Oh bummer. I cannot believe I didn't send a birthday blog for Ben. Life is crazy at the Yandells & I just figured out this blogging hoo-ha. Well, here's a belated song...
Happy b-day to you...happy b-day to you...happy b-day dear Ben...happy b-day to you!
And we're glad he is feeling a bit better. Josh really loved hearing from Ben the other day on the phone. What a treat! Do you all have your cell phones out there, or are you reachable other than this blog??
Miss you!!

MisterBill77 said...

Eww, did Kelley actually make a reference to procreation? Eww!

Rob said...

We have our cell phones, just remember the 3 hour difference. :)

And, Bill, Kelley talking about procreation is like Willie Wonka talking about chocolate. :)