Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Okay, an opinion before getting to the trip stuff, only because the hypocrisy of those participating blindly in the whole Illegal Immigration feeding frenzy drives me nuts. We've become like sharks biting at anything that shows a little blood.

Example: The American Anthem sung in Spanish. Can you believe people oppose this???? As if the Constitution says "Freedom of Speech... only in English." We have a commonwealth of Spanish-speaking people, and LEGAL immigrants who love this country. Why shouldn't they sing a song of respect in the language they're most comfortable with?

Think everyone should be compelled to speak English in America? It's a good idea, certainly, but should they have to learn? No, of course not. That pesky 1st Amendment again. I actually heard a woman complaining that all the teaching positions in Florida require bi-lingualism. She said, "why should I learn Spanish to get a teaching position?" Oh, I don't know, competitive advantage maybe? To get the job maybe? This is where we choose to live, in a culturally rich state, so the job demand what the job requires.

Then there's the canard about how illegal immigrants are claiming civil rights like free public school education and health care without paying the taxes to support them. We have to be careful with that claim, though, because those are NOT rights, they are entitlements that truth-to-tell are violations of the 10th Amendment which says anything not spoken to in the Constitution is reserved to the states, buy MY aren't there a lot of Federal Programs that there shouldn't be. So, upshot: Illegal Immigrants, bad. (My solution, institute the Fair Tax and then three weeks later announce the deportation of all illegals. The IRS becomes INS (because they like chasing people) and the massive increase to everyone's cash flow from the Fair Tax makes up for the loss in cheap labor.

Freedom of Speech in America: It's for everybody. The Creator endowed those rights to EVERYONE, not to just Americans. We may be one of the first and the few to recognize that fact, but if we start restricting it just to "ourselves" we're in Constitutional AND Moral Crisis.

Wow! I feel SO much better. :)


in grace abiding said...

maybe I heard wrong, but the complaint was that they changed the words of the anthem, not that it was spanish.

in grace abiding said...

about your trip, fyi, you can go to cracker barrel and get books on tape. you pay a deposit, the price of the book, and when you return it you get your deposit back less $5 i believe. You can return it to any cracker barrel in the country. might come in handy on rainy days.:)p.s. this is Sandi

damaris said...

welcome to the blogging world, how ever much unwilling you entered.
and i look forward to reading some 'real' writing.

i'm just curious, are you annoyed by your own blog now? or is it just others that annoy you?

JAWS said...
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JAWS said...

Rob and Family,

Have a safe trip out west (and north). You will be missed greatly.


MisterBill77 said...

While I do not completely agree with all of your ranting, it is quite humorous and thought provoking. I am looking forward to your blogging adventures and the rants therein. Have a great trip to the other side of the continent!

wilcoxfamily said...

Surrendered, I was wondering along similar terms....whether or not Rob was quite as annoyed anymore... :). And I second your anticipation for more musings (rants, whatever) from The Writer himself! Even if he's not getting paid for it! :)

Interesting post, Rob. I'm glad to hear the opinions of someone I trust on this matter. I haven't given it much thought - politics elude this simpleton!

Godspeed as you leave tonight!

(Already a deleted comment? Your blog is but in its infancy!)

dawn said...

Bitten by the blogging bug, and now we all get to enjoy Rob's ranting. (Oooh, observe my brilliant usage of alliteration!) What's annoying is that I had to create a blogger account in order to comment.

Looking forward to hearing all about the trip. We'll miss all of you!


wilcoxfamily said...

Hmmm, Rob's Rantings. An idea for a blog title perhaps? If only Rob wasn't so annoyed by blogs... :)

Say Rob, I know you might be *a little* busy getting ready to leave and all, but a certain email told me YOU would be the one to provide minutes from Sunday's homeschool meeting for those unable to attend. You've got time for that today, right? Please, don't skip a single detail!

just kidding :) have a great trip!

MisterBill77 said...

Susan - is there some kind of church organized "homeschool meeting" that us homeschooling parents should be attending? DO TELL!!!

wilcoxfamily said...

ummmmm, Rob? help?

There was a meeting, Bill, but I did notice that not many people were copied on the email announcement regarding it. My *assumption* is that it involved those who participated in either the Swanson or Wells homeschool support groups. But I could be SO wrong.

There I go, starting trouble, as always.

ummmmm, Rob? help?

Sandi? Brian? Anyone?

MisterBill77 said...

We were a part of another group while at Metro and haven't been a part of a group since leaving there. School is almost finished for this year, so we should probably consider doing this again next year and sending out some sort of announcement about it.

Rob said...

Minutes to the Meeting (and Bill, you're more than welcome to attend the future meetings).

The GHSG met to discuss what a Grace Home School Support Group would "look like," to use a term that annoys as many people as blogs annoy me :)

Discussion was perhaps a bit bogged down by full tummies, but we got some good response.

In general, some people appreciated the questions provided by Metro, finding them thought-provoking and good stuff to chew on between meetings (my words, not theirs). Some found them good for discussion but not so much for life-changing stuff (probably the fault of the individuals who felt that way ((note my hand is in the air))).

The idea of mentoring came up, with mom's being able to spend an afternoon with a more experienced mom and vise-versa.

Some people more brainy than myself delved into the whole vision thing, and making sure we're on the same page. We were in search of concrete methods ("what's that look like?") when Sandi Wells made the brilliant observation that the most help seemed to happen during fellowship after the regular meeting.

Then Anna K. put forth a great proposal of Grace Homeschool Fellowship Groups, where every other month a couple is charged with putting on a fellowship meeting for home educating families. Some creative way to get at (or not) the important stuff. Less structure, more relationship building.

Brian Wells brought up the whole idea of creating a GHFG blog for families to keep in touch with each other and drive out pressing issues. This was well received and Damaris created it the very next day (and that where this post should be... hmmm). It prompted this blog and I'm sure many others.

We passed around a sheet to get everyone's e-mail. It also held the notes for the meeting that Lynette took. So of course we left it at the Youngs. Shows what good admins we are...

So, go to for that blog.

Details to follow.

And, yeah, we're kinda busy so I'll stop blathering and sign off.

Oh, Bill, you weren't intentially left out. We grabbed people from our group and the Wells group, but it's open to all Grace homeschooling families.

Got eat, sleep and drive (but not all at the same time).



wilcoxfamily said...

I can't believe you responded - I was so, SO kidding! But, thank you just the same. Very helpful. LOVE the idea of GHS fellowship groups! Can't wait to get started!

Bonnie said...

I would have posted this comment a few minutes ago, but my stomach was still turning from reading the paper this morning. How timely that I then checked my e-mail and am now making my first entry on someone's blog. I guess I'm learning, too.

The paper this morning expounded on the controversy surrounding the Nat'l Anthem in Spanish, and since you're on the road and may not be able to read this "fine" publication, I will fill you in! According to what I read the US Bureau of Education prepared a Spanish version in 1919 and there are vintage translations at the Library of Congress in several languages. The problem is that the current translation is being touted as a remake and doesn't exactly reflect Key's version from the War of 1812.

It begins with -
"Yo! We are Latinos, friend!"

And somewhere in the middle -
"We are brothers, It's our anthem,
In the fierce battle as a sign of victory.
The glow of battle
(My people keep fighting)
In step with liberty"

So, somewhere in there I can recognize some intent to keep true to the original, but, Come on! Yo, we are Latinos!

I do defend the right to make this song but my patriotism is offended by it and I don't think they should call it a remake of the national anthem. (Yes, they can call it that, but someone should slap them!)

So, enough of my ranting and on with your trip. I look forward to reading your travel journals. In 1994 our family made a 6-week trip from here to Seattle and back. It is the favorite memory of our family and really served to bring our children together (the kids were 16, 14, 10 and 8). We also counted many days as school days and got a great head start on the next school year!)

We will miss seeing you for the next several weeks. Have a safe trip and enjoy your stay with your mom. This is a wonderful opportunity for her and your family.

Colleen said...

Well, I don't really have any original ideas on the whole anthem thing...I'll just jump on Bonnie's coat tails and say "Yeah, they should be slapped!" =0)

Where are you guys?

Brianna and I had a GREAT trip to Atlanta. Even having someone in a truck back into the side of my car at the mall didn't put a damper on my spirits. It was a time of refreshing and reflecting on God's AMAZING grace and goodness on my life. I haven't stopped saying "He is SO good!" all weekend.

I am praying that this will carry over to your hearts as you travel...keep your eyes and ears open for His's all around. Can't wait to hear/read the evidences you find along the way.

How's Mutly doing? We're praying for him!

And, to jump on Jon's coat tails, yes, you are greatly missed!

Love you bunches,

Rob said...

Good stuff. I wasn't aware of the changes (though, it's public domain, so all bets are off). Still, was "Oh say can you see" might have been a little weird at the time - Oh, say! might be a bit informal - but who knows.

That's the wonderful thing about the first amendment, yes, they can do what they will, but, yes, we can express the opinion they should be slapped (though that might be inciting to do violence, hmmm.)

We are currently in Arizona, where the latino contingent is very evident, but we haven't seen a single black person yet. Which prompted us to wonder why people of color (black people - that's such a generic description "people of color" when you mean one color...) didn't migrate this direction. Any thoughts?

Further updates on the new topic.

Bonnie said...

I'm thinking that there may be multiple reasons why black people didn't head to the southwest in great numbers. Just my thoughts, but perhaps the climate has something to do with it. The early black population was largely agricultural workers and there is not much of that in the southwest. Also, maybe the industrial revolution - most work was in the northeast. Thinking back to the Civil War, the blacks in the South tried to head north for freedom and work.

Praying for you all and Rainey. Hope he makes a quick turn toward being healthy.

Brian Wells said...

In RE: to being in AZ.
Although Latino and Hispanic are often used as synonyms, Jimmy Romero and Albert Martinez, two of my highschool wrestling buddies, would never have referred to themselves as Latino.

According to Wikipedia -
"Some 64% of the nation's Hispanic population are of Mexican or Mexican-American background. Another approximately 10% are of Puerto Rican background, with about 3% each of Cuban, Salvadoran and Dominican origins. The remainder are of some other Central American, South American or other Hispanic or Latino origins."

I was surprised to find that true "Latinos" actually make up less than 3% of the population according to demographic information.

So what are my thoughts on the National Anthem in regards to Spanish speaking peoples?

If they want to sing it in Spanish, fine. If they want to re-write it, NO.

Let each Nation maintain it's own unique heritage. Our's is primarily of ENGLISH origin. Our Founding Father's chose to speak and write using English as the common language for government, commerce and civilian affairs.

I believe we should keep it that way.

If I permanently immigrated to Mexico, and was very proud to live there, I just can't fathom wanting to sing the Mexico National Anthem in English? Why?