Saturday, May 20, 2006

August 1993 to May 18, 2006.

A better pet never was. We will miss him forever.

His illness progressed across the country; then when our A/C went out, it was too much for him. We put him down the evening of the 18th. I've never done anything harder.


wilcoxfamily said...

I'm so sorry you guys. We love you.

Splitter Family said...

I am so sorry to hear about Rainy. The kids are all sad for your loss as well. The blog is great and pics would be nice.
How can we pray for you?How are things with your family and have you seen Lynettes family yet?
Splitter Family

damaris said...

The wells are sorry and praying for ya'll.

((PS the kids were excitd to talk to thier friends via phone the other day. i heard "aly said this" and "ben saw that" all day long...))

dawn said...

So sorry to hear about Rainy. Must be so hard on the kids, too.

We miss you here, but very glad you're having a good trip and good visits with family.

~Matt and Dawn

Rob said...

I spoke to J. White about Rainey and he sent the kids an e-card of sympathy. I tell you, single girls, this guy's a keeper...

Yandells said...

Precious ones,
We are SOOO sorry about Rainy. I know the pain of losing a loved pet all too well. Bless you.
Love you!

Ceballos family said...

Hi guys!
I just read my email. My more current address is I am soooooooo sorry about Rainey! I am sure he is running and jumping around on streets of gold. We will be praying for all of you. Hope your trip goes well. It sounds like so much fun!

Love, the Ceballos family