Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Welcome to the Swanstuff blog. I am actually annoyed by blogs, but I'm told I have to learn (thanks, Brian!), so off we go.

For the time being, this will be our Cross Country Trip Log. This way we don't have to bug anyone with e-mails they don't want.

After that, in July, if I'm in the habit, I'll keep it up with my own obnoxious opinions that no one should care to read. :)



wilcoxfamily said...

Dan is annoyed by blogs as well, for reasons, I bet, that are probably similar to yours. But I (not so annoyed by blogs :) just wanted to leave a little note to say how glad I am to know you'll be providing regular updates about your journey! I'll look forward to the play by play, and promise to pray accordingly.

Love you guys, and will miss you! We'll see you in July!

~ Susan

PS - Give Steph a great big hug from me! :)

Tracy said...

Glad you're using a blog. It'll be great to see your journey. We can't wait for you to arrive!

Splitter Family said...

May God bless your trip and give your kids a spirit of kindness and patience on this long road. That dad and mom will be filled with peace and contentment with all the travel and closeness you are about to experiance.
Love you guys,
Splitter Family

Rob said...

We haven't left yet. Two car top carriers and I still have half the house to put in the van.

Everything will fit if we leave the kids behind...

It's not until I looked at the mountains of stuff that it really sunk in what 7 weeks looks like on the road.

It's amazing, we're taking everything but the dirt (sorry, Jennifer, I feel truly bad about that...)

Now, as soon as the clothes are dry, we're outa here. (But if there's a pool out there, I wouldn't stack the odds too heavily against leaving tomorrow...)

Rob said...

We have achieved our first day goal. I'm typing this at the Martins (who say Hi!). They have a beautiful home, in a beautifully green state.

We made great time, getting much better gas mileage than anticipated, and no speeding tickets (which is a miracle at the speeds we were going :) Two cartops must create a warp bubble or something...

Charli slept like a rock, Ben fitfully and Aly just had a fit. If I were a good father, I would have pulled over and disciplined her, but I am a man and DESTINATION is everything! I let Lynette climb over the pillows and the kitchen sink to handle things.

Our homegroup and, I think, other friends practiced clarvoyance and provided not just snacks and stuff for the trip, but SNACKS! Those absolute must-haves on any road trip. Chicken in a Bisket crackers, Tootsie Pops, Dehydrated Apples and No Fear Energy Drink! That stuff outta be illegal. It pastes your eyelids open and puts lead in your foot. When I did manage to get some sleep, I ran in my dreams.

We may stop at Vickesburg Military Park (you gotta love the brochure, "glorious victories and devastating defeats!" Something tells me the "glorious" victories were for the South, not the *ahem* good guys in the war....

More later.


Rob said...

We woke up to Severe Thunderstorms this morning in Tyler, Texas, which gave us a late start. We had a little more rain on the way to Albuquerque, NM but no real problems. Neither shell leaked. The kids were fairly good.

We would like prayer for Rainey, though. He is very sick. We are pretty sure he won't live through our stay in Seattle. This, more than anything, is preying on Lynette's mind (well, all of us, of course).

Weather looks nasty for the Grand Canyon, so we're going to stay in a hotel instead of camping.

We're all wiped, so no funnies this time. Too tired.

Wyatts said...

Hey Guys,

Just want you to know that I'm praying for you. You have been on my mind often. I feel for Ally. I would be the one having a fit if I was in the car with you.

Thank goodness you made it out of the South without getting a pitch fork after you making comments like that.


wilcoxfamily said...

Hey Guys!

I talked to Stephanie today and she informed me that I could find your updates here. Not sure if you're doing that on purpose (and I apologize for my presumption, if you are), but I wanted to let you know that people *might* be looking for you to make a regular post, instead of adding to the comments section of your original. I was, and like Colleen, was wondering, "where are they?"

Steph also told me about Rainey. I'm so, so sorry. I know that has to be hard. Will pray for you guys, him, and the kids.

Sorry about all the rain, too. :(

I will keep on praying that despite your weary bodies, you all find joy in the journey. Try to remember that even in the midst of cranky kids and unexpected downpours, this is an awesome opportunity for your family to build memories that will last a lifetime. I know it takes work, but remember to "enjoy the process." :)

Love you guys SO much! Looking forward to your next update, where ever it may be!