Monday, May 15, 2006

Top Ten Thing of Excitement When Traveling Cross Country…

10. How Many Licks to Get to Center of a Tootsie Pop.

9. How Many Miles to Get to the Center of a Tootsie Pop.

8. How Many Tootsie Pops to Get to the Next Rest Stop.

7. Riding The Center Line Turtles until Your Teeth Rattle.

6. Counting The Bugs that Splat Against the Windshield (“5 Billion, Daddy!”)

5. Seeing Shapes in the Trees at Night. (“That one looks like a vulture, Dad!” “That one looks like a clown!” “That one looks like a Tornado, Dad!” “We’re in Mississippi, Son, that is a tornado!”

4. Seeing Who Can Hold Their Bladder the Longest.

3. Flipping the Page on the Trip Tik.

2. Finding Shorter Routes through Major Cities than on the Trip Tik.

And the number one Exciting Thing to Do Cross County…

1. Trying to Find Your Way BACK to the Route that the Trip Tik told You About.


wilcoxfamily said...

SO glad to see you've still got your sense of humor!! Great to hear for ya....! :)

wilcoxfamily said...

(Oh yeah, very funny Top 10, too! :)

Debi Walter said...

Hello Swanson family! How cool that you were able to visit the Vicksburg museum. I took our kids there about 10 years ago, and we loved it!!! Esp. the drive through state memorials. Did you get to see them shoot the cannon? Back then, they did it every hour. We've also been to Flagstaff, and loved it! I bought a t-shirt on Route 66! :-) It was a kick! haha! I'm sad to hear about Rainey's struggles. I had no idea he was failing. Keep sending the posts - we love hearing from you!