Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Diet/Non-Diet Thing

Okay, I got fed up with the extra fat I'd been sporting so I finally had the conviction to do something about it. I gave up processed sugar and dropped 15 pounds quickly. Lack of soda pop changes your eating habits a bit, but otherwise no-sugar was the big thing. Not as difficult as I'd have thought (but then, conviction comes from God and he helps with stuff He commands).

What has been difficult is training myself to eat when I'm hungry and not just when appetite shouts from its empty-calorie lungs. I don't think snacking between meals is bad unless it's because I feel like eating and not when I'm truly hungry.

For you young-and-can-eat-14-pizzas-and-six-liters-of-Coke-and-still-look-thin, enjoy it while you can.

At the same time, we just visited a nursing home and I couldn't help but think that a good, healthy diet gives you a long life that ends up there. If eating badly meant I'd go quickly and avoid long-term care facilities, it might be worth it.

Hypothetical (story idea, not reality): If you put a contract out on yourself and hire bodyguards to protect you, if the assassin succeeds is it suicide?


Sherlock said...

Yes you jerky people who can eat 14-pizzas and six liters of coke and look thin to boot, enjoy it before I snuff the life out of you.....
Sigh.... but I don't drink soda! Or really eat anything in general besides meal times. So... anyway.

YES it is suicide.

Rob said...

What if you change your mind and the, um, contractor won't call it off? What about then?

LeeMac said...

You know Sherlock, I take BIG offense to that. Even though I CAN'T EAT THAT MUCH PIZZA!:)

but still.

Malissa said...

Hey, I'm back! Did you all miss me? No one noticed that I was gone this time. Someone usually comments about Mrs. Young. Leemac, you might not be able to eat that much pizza, but you sure can put away the wings! Rob, you are supposed to eat 5 small meals a day. That means snack between meals, but healthy. Your body is not supposed to get that empty feel, so you don't want to fill it to the brim. I used to eat half of a large pizza and not gain any weight, but that was a LONG time ago.