Wednesday, March 26, 2008

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets

I know it came out a long time ago, but it just recently came to the cheap theater which is the only place I can afford to take the whole family and not feel horribly guilty ($60 for a movie night is WAAAAAYYYYY too ridiculous).

So, okay, the movie. It was fun. A certain Sherlock suggested it was a lot like the first movie, but really, it wasn't. You remember how Disney used to put out sequels straight-to-video of their brilliant 2-D animations that they've so foolishly cast aside (the original, not the sequels). The originals were by top drawer talent and the sequels were done by the television third-rate pitchure draw-ers and felt like it.

Same with this movie. The scams were EFFORTLESS and EASY. They made it look like anyone could do it (the first movie was clever, this one was cheap). The actors were fun, the plot needed a re-write, the stakes were too low. If he had easy access to the president, why not just ask? Had they been bitter enemies, had the queen been in residence, had it just be harder and more risky instead of everyone seeming to be sleepwalking...

Nonetheless - apart from a truly bad hairpiece for Nick Cage - it was clean (even the ogling White House guy was mostly implied).

The elements were there; the execution was not... should have used the room behind Mt. Rushmore which was SUPPOSED to be a library but "never was." More real history bent to story purposes, higher stakes, and a better ticking clock is all they needed.



LeeMac said...

I agree with you on that, but I loooved it. Except for all the (killing and deaths.) but the first one is always better. (not including my buddy, MacGyver. Evey next season is always better, but there are some episodes which are just to: eiher wayyy to much killing, or very sad and scary. Like, kill zone for instance. You can watch it if you want to find out, but THIS IS THE MOST SCARY MACGYVER I HAVE EVER SEEN! well also Lost Love is pretty high up there, except for the first part. Jack DALTON IS SO FUNNY. I like National Treasure: Book Of Secrets. I also loved the movie I saw a couple of either days or weeks ago: The Water Horse!

Sherlock said...

Exactecly. Only MY review was partly done by Fe who liked it a lot. I liked it a little, she liked it a lot.

Ah well.

Ben your obsession with Macgyver is borderline... obsessive. Take my advice, start reading your dad's stashes of comics.

Charli said...

I like Lost Love...:(

LeeMac said...

MacGyver is better than old boring comic books. (no offense) I'd rather spend the whole night MacGyver Marathon!