Saturday, March 01, 2008

Presenting Mrs. Colleen Moore!

Colleen and David had a beautiful wedding. I am moved by God's graciousness to Colleen. She sold her house and moved down to Orlando. For seemingly unknowable purposes, God did not allow her to buy a house here. Staying afloat was difficult. Now, a few years later the purpose becomes clear. Colleen has moved to Jacksonville; had she bought a house, this housing slump would prevent her from selling it. Instead God has demonstrated her need to rely on Him (and she has faithfully always done so) and He would provide what she needs.

That's where David comes in. Colleen has a.... boistrous personality... and not just anyone would be a marvelous match for her. David, and his unique and lovable family is not just a match, but THE perfect match. He has demonstrated his love and faithfulness to her as the Lord has.

I wish them a happy life (which is like betting on a sure thing). Rock on, Moores!


damaris said...

hooray for colleen!! :)
i was so happy for her when I heard about her wedding.

thanks for having bre and noah over yesterday. they loved it/

Sherlock said...

Aww, that's nice!

Rob said...

Wells kids are always welcome in our house. Even the old ones. :)

LeeMac said...

Dad, you took the words right out of my a way....