Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Too bad cockroaches are vile, disgusting creatures...

...because really, they're quite pretty - if you can divorce yourself of their loathsomeness.

On the big palmettos, they have an exoskeleton reminiscent of the finest wood grain. And when you spray them and they flip over, the segmentation of their feebly kicking legs is an amazing example of engineering design.

Sometimes, as I gas them with a shot of Raid, I wonder, "what if we have it wrong? What if cockroaches are God's chosen people?" Think about it, after a nuclear war, they'll be scampering around on our radioactive bones. Everything about them denotes amazing design.

Doesn't stop me from killing them, of course, but sometimes I wonder.

Along the same lines, I watched a squirrel bound over grass and up a tree in a heartbeat and exulted in the furry clown. But if it had been a rat leaping and climbing I'd have grabbed a pellet gun. Can hair really make that much difference? Then I remember Farrah Fawcett from my youth and remember "yes it can."


Anonymous said...

but rats have hair!

and the fact that cockroaches can survive nuclear holocaust merely proves that they are mutations from the pit of hell.

~dawn, too lazy to log in

Rob said...

Not on their tale, they don't. If they could go all bushy they'd be lovable, I tell you.

Good point on the roaches. A fresh viewpoint is always a good thing.

Sherlock said...

Haha, dawn. Nice.
Did neither of you two see ratatoullie?

dams said...

yes!! i knew i was on the right track believing cockroaches and scorpians escaped from hell! ;)
thanks dawn.

sorry mr swansons...this was a strange post...but hey it was different.

Anonymous said...

i just saw hairless rats at petsmart, and now i have to agree with you.


LeeMac said...

Go aunt Dawn! I highly agree with that, they are DEFINITELY FROM HELL!!!