Saturday, October 06, 2007

Big League Haircuts VS Sport Clips

I got my haircut today, using the coupon for a freebie at Sport Clips. Now it's the MatchUp of the Century!!!!

Haircuts: About even. Decent haircuts at both places. TIE

TV: Big League is set up with each haircutting station being a little oasis unto itself. A TV faces you, and you're given a choice of channels. Sport Clips is arena style seating along the wall. There are as many TVs as chairs, but they don't face you in the chair, they face out so you're looking at an angle. No one asked me if I wanted a different channel than what they were all playing. BIG LEAGUE WINS

Shampoo, Scalp Massage and Back Massage: Big League has one price and it's all included. Sport Clips has three different levels. To get everything costs $5 bucks more. Big League's inclusive price is cheaper than Sport Clips' MVP. BIG LEAGUE WINS AGAIN.

Professionalism: Really about the same, but Sport Clips trash talked Big League, which I don't consider professional. I've never asked Big League about Sport Clips, though so I can't rule on this one.

WINNER: Big League Haircuts. They are three times farther than Sport Clips, but I'll make the trip anyway.

Sorry Sport Clips.


Anonymous said...

I'll take the challenge. Wait, I can't because I'm a woman. Isn't that discrimination?

Anonymous said...

You might be taking this a little bit too seriously. . .

Such a gripping tale. Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time! I'm being sarcastic!

overthinker said...

i probably shouldn't mention this...i'm sure you've thought it through...

but. if big league is really 3x away then aren't you spending alot more gas money?? (I realize 3x might have been a hyperbole to make a point of distance...)

Rob said...

Well, Sport Clips is a mile away and BLHC is three, so not much in gas money :)