Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Nobel Prize has become like the Olympics

Ballroom dancing is now an Olympic sport and Al Gore won a Nobel Prize. Anyone else find this beyond silly? "Hey look everyone, it's getting warmer and my ice cubes are melting faster than they used to! What? I won a prize? Cool! No, no, I mean, that's Hot!"

The government is now enticing farmers to reduce the size of their cow herds because the heffers tend to cut more cheese than a french chef. More silliness.

People, cows and cars account for less than 10% of gaseous emissions (some of us more than others). Volcanos, vents and other natural phenomena accounts for the other 90%. Does Al want to cork the real problem? No, of course not.

He complains that America is responsible for 90% of our 10% (that's 9%, Joe) and that we should be horrified by that. Again, utterly silly. We're the largest technologically advanced country on the planet, so of course we produce more than the others. I don't see Jim Redneck saying "Hey Bubba, let's go out and run the truck to melt a few more icebergs." Face facts; it's farther for some Americans to go to the store than it is to cross Japan width-wise.

Global warming is a natural occurance that cycles in and cycles out. Are we headed for another ice age? Fine, we'll buy stock in winter sport companies. We'll sell gortex and raise more chicken for their down feathers.

Hey, I'm whining about Al Gore... think I should nominate myself for a Nobel Prize?


Anonymous said...

I should be nominated. Becuase I noticed that during july it gets hotter!! I also noticed that america has become bearucratic mess! (notice my spelling mrs. Young?) Indeed the world does go through cycles; it's natural and a part of life. Global Warming is bunch of... er, crap dare i say? Anyhoo, i'm not feeling very intelligent (pardon spelling) today. Maybe its the post-moldy-youth-camp-land-of-no-caffine-and-wierd-counselers blues.

Anonymous said...

I don't feel like being a spell-check today. I have too much to get done for Celebration. So err away! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Swanson. Yeah, i was going to put a homework assignment that people could answer the interview questions with (ya' know FLVS' standard interview) but I had to run to Grandma's so I didn't get to upload it. Got the assignment submitted with an A. :)

Rebekah Schwab said...

why do you have an ad for "SAW4" on your blog?
just a thought.

Rob said...

The ads are relevant to what's being discussed, so JoJo probably said something horrific and now I've got those kinds of ads up. ???? It should change soon.

overthinker said...


my brother, say something horrific?

i beg your parden. he limits his comments to the frightening and insensative...